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Dann Russo - Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

I want to be Bruce Springsteen when I grow up. Or Eddie Vedder. Or a firefighter. Right now I'm a singer/songwriter who sometimes has a band and teaches Latin to pay the bills.

and, as I've been told, I'm pretty energetic and entertaining on stage, with a "childlike energy and fun in everything he does..." according to Tom Bianchi, host of Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge. I was lucky enough to WIN the Open Mic Challenge TWICE. 

After playing out in and around Boston as a solo artist at places like The Burren, Tres Gatos, and Lizard Lounge amongst others, rocking out and trying to break strings on my acoustic for ten years, I joined forces with Mary Casiello in THREE AT HOME. 

for the reflective type of song, check out "Stormy As The Sea" HERE 

and for the rock that put the rock back in rock and roll check out "Cross The Line" HERE