dann russo

Terry O'Reilly's open mic promo

This guy is the man. A little bit of Bruce, Gaslight Anthem, and Hold Steady all rolled into one and wrapped in a glorious beard.

Terry O'Reilly's Open Mic Promo

Special Terry's investigators have determined that he is in fact Bruce Springsteen's better-bearded fourth cousin.

Metronome Magazine - Boston

"Dann Russo is a great singer"

Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge

"breathing space - intelligently and spiritually"

Metronome Magazine - Boston

"high energy acoustician Dann Russo"

"Armed with an acoustic guitar and an emotive voice, Dann Russo gave the audience an intimate lesson in powerful performance...featuring deft guitar work and gritty vocals...inspired."

Lizard Lounge Open Mic Newsletter July 1, 2013

 Dann Russo, who has been a regular at LLOMC for quite a while now is always a power house. Dann brings the rock and roll... and in a room that tends to lean toward the ‘pin drop silence’ performance when it comes to our Monday night winners, Dann has hit our final three many times, but not crossed the line just yet. Tonight he brought it with the power and energy he always does. Spot on rock and roll, rock solid and energizing... tonight was Dann’s night! For our 343rd LLOMC winner Andrew Delcid went with Dann Russo!


a lot of soul very talented great melodies good stories great execution lots of energy...u have all the essential elements to be great artist...your music was great I gave you 4 stars out of 5


"this "whisky" is a very good one, authentic and natural (that is to say acoustic), powerful (that is to say full of passion and energy) and also complex (catchy yet intelligent, folksy yet modern, melodic yet profound) That was more than enough to make us decide to interview the talented singer/songwriter" check out the rest of the interview at http://www.whiskyfun.com

Tom Bianchi - host, Open Mic Challenge @ The Lizard Lounge

"whether he's playing a rockin song or a quiet song there is this childlike energy and fun in everything he does on stage"

Random quotes from SL

Dann Numbers claims to be shy at first but can warm an audience up with his first note. Blessed with an amazing musical ability and a quick wit...Great show, great crowd, great music, great times...Dann Numbers has the largest live music following in SL. Every show is a must see

listener comment

Remember the sweet acoustic guitar player who sits in a chair and finger picks pretty little songs. Um, that's not Dann the Mann! I've seen few people play so hard and so tight

SL Press Release

The incomparable Dann Numbers will play immediately following the Dean Koontz reading starting at 6 oceanside and under the stars at Laguna Beach Club. Come and see why Dann is one of the top LIVE performers in SL.

Acoustic Pie

I know I always joke that I got tired of rock music in the '80s. But Dann Numbers is a serious Second Life rocker with an acoustic sound whose music I find irresistable! I think I can guarantee that he'll break at least one guitar string per set! But that's your opportunity to hear one of his lovely a capella numbers ~ the music never stops at a Dann show. Because of the diverse audience in SL, Dann has set himself the task of learning to say "Thank You" in as many languages as possible. You can rock out with him in Real Life as Dann Russo.

Emergenza Website (performance 12/8/05)

a full ensemble front-man rock show with catchy melodies and good song compositions


a sound that’s inviting and luxurious.

CNC Music Productions

The songs Russo sings aren't merely sung, they're sung to you specifically...the line dividing audience from performer is hair-thin...It's shamelessly melodic, however, pop-skill doesn't preclude the need to rock out.

Metronome Magazine

Armed with only an acoustic guitar and his voice, musician Dann Russo delivers an energetic four-song offering brimming with uplifting emotion. His guitar playing is fiery and statically charged while he maintains a fine range of vocal work throughout. If you were to enter a room where Russo was performing, he would surely gain your attention with his fiercely powerful delivery...Russo also displays his capable songwriting prowess. Taking cues from a young, hungry Bob Dylan during his days in the Village, Dann Russo is a promising singer-songwriter that exhibits what it takes to make it big in the world of music. Good stuff!

WSVA Black Coffee Hour (School of Visual Arts radio program)

Russo shows a great talent in such a short amount of time, it's no wonder he's starting to develop a strong following. Even without his cohorts, "The Whisky", Russo is just as effective with just his guitar, his voice and his passion. I highly reccomend this EP to anyone looking for good, honest acoustic rock, and is tired of Dave Matthews wanna-be rehashes. Bravo, Mr. Russo.

NorthEast In-Tune Magazine

One of the greatest attributes about Dann Russo is that he comes through on live performances which is not something all artists can do, even the veterans that have been around for more than a decade. With a voice that captivates, this Brooklyn born artist takes his musical influences from all genres including hip-hop and lyrical folk. Very passionate about his lyrics and a poet in his own right, Dann Russo's music captures the attention of audiences with its deep rooted harmonious flow and heartfelt tenacity. Now based in Boston, Dann Russo and The Whisky consisting of Dann Russo, vocals and guitar; Christian Kolarz, violin; Frank Colagiovanni, drums and percussion; Mark Fornatale on guitar; Brendan Russo on bass and vocals and John Russo, vocals, piano and keyboards have become a household name. They have played everywhere from Charlie O's in Montpelier , VT to the Sweetwater Cafe in Boston , MA . For those of you who are partial to acoustic bands, their songs delight with everything from a little Latin flavor to a folksy shindig.  Café en San Juan is sure to be a favorite with its mix of classical and folk. It is such a beautiful song, you could get lost in it. The mixture of the guitar and the violin gives it a flamenco sound, making for an amazing melodic explosion from these guys. The music is very reminiscent of Carmen's Habanera. Bittersweet Love showcases Dann's Lindsay Buckingham style guitar playing. And Year is an astonishing piece. The violin in the background is breathtaking. In No Pain there is just Dann and his guitar. A perfect match for this gut wrenching song about that special someone who makes everything better. With a sound that is all their own, this funky combination is a great pleasure listening to. The variety of songs that have been created by this band and soon to be phenomenon will always stand out from the rest.

Newark (New Jersey) Star-Ledger

Brooklyn-born Bostonian Dann Russo had the advantage of Christian Kolarz's amplified violin as a colorful foil to his exuberant strumming. A natural, good-natured performer, Russo played to the crowd a bit in a T-shirt emblazoned "Jersey." At their best, his songs rose above John Mellencamp/Dave Matthews clichés to achieve something emotive, such as with "Fantasy," which he sang with rock'n'roll abandon.

Music Morsels

Boston singer/songwriter Dann Russo shows great promise with this first taste. His excellent voice has an inflection ala Adam Duritz, but a rough soulful edge from the Mick Jagger school. Backing himself with some tasty but organic acoustic guitar strumming, Dann's lyrics are both intelligent and honest, making you feel rather than just hear his emotions. One of the better new solo folks I have heard in a while.

Cats Ask Music & Entertainment

Dann has given us a voice with which to explain the inexplicable. With catchy riffs, point blank lyrics and on point rhythms Mr. Russo holds us captive with stories of intense sensations and bittersweet love. Tears do stream out of this gentlemans guitar.A truly satisfying listen.

IME Productions

Dann Russo @ Lemon 2/21/05 "A modern day Troubadour, Russo sings of love, protest, hardships and hope. No stage antics or flashy guitar solos, just words, music, the meaning, the feeling. Which comes forth beautifully in this 45 minute journey of poetry set to melody. The two acoustic guitars provide a solid rhythm as the violin provides the hook lines. There is something very organic and natural about Russo's set..."

Splendid Reviews

Russo, with his folk-rock sensibilities and pop hooks, could lure them in with earnest jams, recalling the likes of John Mayer and Dave Matthews...catchy acoustic riffs and a sensitive-yet-rasping baritone

Emergenza Web Site (show 5/20/05)

a great acoustic fronted set. They definitely were a crowd favorite

Austin Legend

I saw...Russo at All Asia in Cambridge - definitely worth it!

Music Freedom.com

"No Pain" is a great song! I can definitely hear your Dave Matthews influence in your music. It's fresh and it's done very well!


Dann Russo is extremely talented in his songwriting and lyrics. [he] pulls at my heart-strings...Dann Russo's music reveals very personal experiences and emotions. Having a generous roster of original songs that this EP only hints at, Dann Russo would be an excellent candidate for a big label record deal. ... One wonders what he could do with the addition of the full musical resources at the disposal of a big label or a large indie.

CD Baby User Review

Simply put, this little EP rocked my world. Soulful, sexy... Bonus: he's cute too!

Trisha O'Keefe

"I love that song 'Year.' It makes me feel all warm and loved." check out www.trishaokeefe.com