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Robert Frost Anniversary


Today, 101 years ago, Robert Frost published his poem "The Road Less Traveled"


I wrote a song imagining that for some people, the road less traveled IS the right choice. And for others, the road more traveled is the right choice. And every so often, you look for a reason to go from one to the other and sometimes you can...

here's my version with the awesome Brandon Brooks on cello


and Mr. Frost's version, naturally. 

“The Road Not Taken”

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


I forgot I had a blog?

Free Download!


it has been announced to me that I have reached the "local" top ten on reverbnation. Now what that means, I'm not sure, and I don't know how "local" "local" means, but hey - it's cool!


so, in celebration, you can download "Goodnight is not Goodbye" for free here: https://dannrusso.bandcamp.com/track/goodnight-is-not-goodbye-2


It's the full band version we recorded last year. NEW MUSIC COMING UP AS WELL!

Dann Comes Home (for a weekend)


Nov 21st 8pm - Leftfield on Ludlow, NYC!!

this is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.


45 min of energetic, punk-inspired acoustic rock. You will dance, you will sing, you may even break something.


check out the event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1676588115892175/

this is tomorrow. it's awesome.

another awesome "Tribute/Cover" night at Tres Gatos about to happen


tonight I get to hit Tres Gatos in JP, MA solo to take part (again) in one of their Tribute nights!


this time the theme is "1984" and I'll be playing "I'm on Fire," "Pride (In The Name of Love)," and "Runaway." This was a great year for music and it'll be a great night. The night starts at 8, and I play around 9:30. 



see you there! (Click here for more info)

well that was a lot of fun!


this past Friday was awesome.


thank you to Dave, Elissa, Brian, & Mike - heretofore known as THE CONGREGATION - for making me sound good.

thank you to DAve and everyone at WEMF for putting the show together

thank you to Chris for taking some great pics

thank you to the Middle East Downstairs for having a fence and a bunch of pipes for me to climb and hang on ;-)

Tonight. Middle East Downstairs. We're gonna rock. be there.


I can't remember the last time I've been this excited to play a show.


I haven't played with a band in a LONG time and I haven't played the

Middle East Downstairs in ten years.


first band at 7. we hit the stage at 10:30.


Psyched cannot describe what I feel. Will you share it with me?


show 2/13 promo video


so I made a...promo? for my show this Friday, 2/13 at the MIDDLE EAST DOWNSTAIRS

AND I got to play in the snow. :-)


enjoy Memphis Ferry all bundled up! http://youtu.be/6eGlU-aBB5o

radio? radio??? we got played on the radio!


thank you very much to Bay State Rock on WAAF (Sundays, 11pm-1am) for playing "Goodnight is Not Goodbye" last night/this morning!


and YOU can check it out (and download) it yourself here: Goodnight is Not Goodbye.


did I say WE? YES! I had a full band in studio with me, most of which will be rocking out at the Middle East Downstairs on Feb 13th! (click on link for event info)

Merry Christmas to me! (and you too!)


got a great present when I got in from the Christmas festivities - a front page article and interview with METRONOME MAGAZINE!


Thank you Brian and the crew!!

new blog - 4 reasons to leave Bono alone

this morning's radio show

nice quote yesterday


yesterday, while I was about to leave WEMF, the radio station where I do my Sunday morning "covers show," the producer said to me:

"you know, I really like what you're doing with your voice recently. keeping it under control but still letting it all out when it's more appropriate. it's pretty great."



I was my own guest on Under The Covers radio program today

JP Music Fest Today!


psyched to be playing at the JP Music Festival today!

the festival will have a trolley taking people around Jamaica Plain to various restaurants (and, ostensibly, their cars)

I'm playing live acoustic from 3-4 PM.



tuesday's set list


it's been seemingly forever that I've played a legit SHOW at a venue, and I don't think I could have hoped for the night to go better...


here's the set list:


1. On The Floor

2. We Were There

3. RockStar

4. Cross The Line

5. My Friends' Band Play

6. She Talks To Angels 

7. Goodnight is Not Goodbye

8. Being in Love With Being in Love (Ruined My Love Life)

9. Memphis Ferry


Thanks to the Tavern At The End of the World and WEMF and everyone there singing along!

nice little write-up in the Hyde Park Bulletin


got a nice little write-up in the Hyde Park Bulletin - the locallest of local papers.


starting from somewhere!

check out this really cool 3D animation of the CD!

look what the UPS guy just brought!

get the new songs digitally before you can get the physical CD!


Happy Independence Day!

follow this link to get the new songs "A Runaway Snapping All Ties" before you can get the physical CD (and cheaper than iTunes too!)


A Runaway Snapping All Ties

one week from today!

don't miss the train


#Runaway. July 27th.

Just over a month to go

Rock Star Level: Unlocked.

Tonight i get to judge!


Tom, host of the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge had some nice words to say about me before my turn in the judge's chair tonight:

Singer/songwriter Dann Russo has been here and done this open mic many times.  He’s a powerhouse high energy performer who always gets the crowd up and pumping.  With a heavy strum rock and roll guitar style and gritty voice he leads his songs often with an edgy aggression and drives them home.  Dann’s been on the performing side of the LLOMC for years, taken home our prizes, and tonight he gets to enjoy the other side of things

Band Hibernation time


Hey, y'all - 

It's about to be Spring, and you know what that means - HIBERNATION!

no, seriously. we're going to lock ourselves indoors except to go to work and a few open mics and maybe the movies every once in a while and work on making the show the best  it can be. So, we're taking a few months off and the band will be back in the summer.

BEFORE WE GO we're playing the world famous CANTAB LOUNGE downstairs tomorrow (Thursday) night at 10. 

you should totally be there, sing along, have fun, have a great start to your weekend, and wish us well...


Dann & The Band

Regis loves me! and I love Regis!


just got my high school (Regis, in New York) alumni newsletter yesterday, in which "an anonymous classmate" called me "The Bruce Springsteen of Boston." 

I'm very ok with this. Thank you whoever it is :-)

"Two Roads" - a new song inspired by Robert Frost's "Road Less Traveled" poem

My "Once" audition - or the 24 hours I was almost a Broadway star

Two New Songs!

I don't make resolutions


but I do promise to keep y'all informed of my comings and goings - whether here or on the blog (dannrusso.wordpress.com


and don't forget to do three things this 2014:


1. listen to music - whether it's by your friends, your enemies, a random group that your kids play incessantly - and see the good it in.

2. share music - so many great artists are undiscovered (except by their friends and family) and can use the push - share FB links, Youtube videos, even twitter...tweets.

3. be excellent to each other.

it's almost winter


I know that everyone is talking about pumpkin spice this and pumpkin spice that, but the greatest thing about this time of year is the apple pie.

I love apple pie.

it's the greatest thing ever.

when I was in college, my mother (who lived 13 miles away at the time) mailed me an apple pie.


they are amazing.

you want to find the way to my heart, it's in an apple pie.



Happy September


it's a HUGE month for the Dann Russo experience...

Tomorrow night - Sept 2nd, I'll be solo at the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge in Cambridge, 

then playing SEPT 8TH at The Burren in Somerville with the band

SEPT 14th at the Blue Hills Brewery Oktoberfest solo

SEPT 15th at the Pinfield St Block Party in Roslindale withBox of Records 

and SEPT 21st at Costello's Tavern with BoR - the 60s and 70s covers band I play bass for - check out the show here:www.facebook.com/boxofrecordsband

songwriting story # 1

new blog - thanks again Tom!


check it out here: http://dannrusso.wordpress.com/2013/08/13/thanks-again-tom/ 



Happy BD to "The Professionals" percussionist JACOB LAROCCA!


come celebrate with us this Friday at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge at 10pm!

{new blog} when it rains it drums



blog? NEW BLOG! "I blame the Irish for me winning"

thank you Cantab


Thank you so much, Cantab - that was a GREAT show. We had a lot of fun and it seems like the crowd did as well.

Thank you for showing up, and more importantly, showing up to sing along. :-)

the set list:

1. Nov. 8th

2. We Were There

3. Flowers in Your Hair

4. Her Majesty Cry

5. My Friends' Band Play

6. Cross The Line

7. Lessons Learned

8. On The Floor

9. Goodnight is not Goodbye

just gearing up for Friday


shining up the strings

warming up my voice

getting it all together for the CANTAB on Friday! (6/21 10pm)

come along


come along gimme those sad songs...when all hope is gone, sad songs say so much...


So the last few songs I've written have been SAD songs, but they are really good. 

the questions that remain now are: "Where do I play such sad songs?" and "am I ready to play them yet in front of real PEOPLE?"

Cantab ruled


Thank you to everyone who came out to the Cantab last night. I know WE had a lot of fun - I hope you did too.

In the interest of "what was that song called?" here's the set list:

1. Nov. 8th.

2. We Were There

3. Flowers In Your Hair

4. Her Majesty Cry

5. Cross The Line

6. My Friends' Band Play

7. Lessons Learned

8. On The Floor

9. Goodnight is not Goodbye


damn that was fun. thank you. pics and videos to follow


for more info, check the sites in "links"

and you...


"and YOU play you have ADD"

"well, I do."

"oh. that explains it then."

pics! new shows!


Got a few emails on Friday with pics from the show  - keep em coming!

Even better, got a phone call from the booking agent asking us to come back on May 2nd.

will you be there?

quotes from last night


my favorite quote about last night:

"we TOTALLY need to get forearm tattoos and learn to play guitar. that looks awesome!"


and it was. thank you to the Cantab for hosting me...I mean US! last night - it was amazing.

band practice


so we had band practice last night. 


I'm TOTALLY going to hit my head on the Cantab ceiling on Thursday.


8pm. you should be there to witness it.

McPsyched for McGann's


I cannot wait to rock out at McGann's tonight.

making some awesome tunes with the great Gary Ames at 10pm!

Last Night at the Lizard



The amazing Mark Whitaker was at the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge last night and sat in with me to play "On The Floor" - Thanks, Mark!
Then I broke a string and went WAAAAYYYYYY old-school and played "Believe" on the piano. It's the song I wrote when I was 16.
 Then I bought the song a Guinness. :-)

The amazing Mark Whitaker was at the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge last night and sat in with me to play "On The Floor" - Thanks, Mark!

Then I broke a string and went WAAAAYYYYYY old-school and played "Believe" on the piano. It's the song I wrote when I was 16.

Then I bought the song a Guinness. :-)


aw yeah...live video!



it's the video from this past Saturday's Plectrum Entertainment Singer Songwriter Night at Club Bohemia/Cantab Lounge, Feb 23rd 2013, featuring Dan Masterson on Piano and Jason Labbe on percussive guitar and the whole audience singing along.

You should totally click the link and see how good you sound!

Sidenote: this is when the bass player from the next band said: "The Dragon on your guitar is totally you. You play with fire and power and strength."

yay Cantab! Dragons rule


so last night, at the Plectrum Entertainment Singer/Songwriter Night at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA, I rocked out three great songs with the help of some pretty great musicians (Dan Masterson and Jason Labbe): "My Friends' Band Play," "Goodnight is not Goodbye" and "Lessons Learned."

Not only that, but after the show, I got a great compliment when the bass player for Kevin Blaine recognized the symbol on my guitar and said, "someone put DRAGON on your guitar for you? it's perfect - you play with fire and power and strength." 

yeah, that's pretty cool.

New tagline!



Just added a new tagline - yay or nay?

"Left hand driven by Love. Right hand driven by caffeine."

Just added a new tagline - yay or nay?

"Left hand driven by Love. Right hand driven by caffeine."




for everyone who loves Bandcamp (and who doesn't?) here's the link to buy my new record for wicked cheap.


it's the Live from the Lizard Lounge record, including On The Floor, Flowers in Your Hair, We Were There, Fantasy, My Friends' Band Play, and Goodnight is not Goodbye.




and thank you!

thanks, Lizard Lounge!


great night at the Lizard Lounge last night.

I highly suggest that if you are in Cambridge on a Monday night, you make your way there to find the finest musicians and songwriters that the area has to offer.

it's ready. Grab some tunes!


omg I'm pretty damn psyched.

My newest record is available to purchase and DL right now.


you can grab it here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dannrusso7 

recorded live at The Lizard Lounge's Open Mic Challenge https://www.facebook.com/LLOMC

recorded by the awesome Tom Bianchi http://www.24hourtom.com/fr_intro.cfm 

with special guest Jacob LaRocca

pics and cover by the amazingly talented Virginia Gallino http://www.virginiagallino.com.ar 

new song up


so psyched to put up a live track from the Cantab on Jan. 10th


"Goodnight is Not Goodbye" with amazing background singing by everyone there!

one five thirteen.


Good Morning! (or afternoon as the case may be)

It's a gorgeous morning and I'm off to see this really cool dinosaur exhibit in Southie - http://www.discoverthedinosaurs.com - and get ready to rock and roll all next week!


I'm going to swing by the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge on Monday, and THEN

rock out at the Plectrum Entertainment Singer Songwriter Night on Thursday downstairs at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge ( http://www.cantab-lounge.com ) at 8pm on Thursday.

See you at one or both!




Happy Christmas, Harry. Happy Christmas, Ron.


I'm pretty sure that "The Sidewalk Angels Echo Hallelujah" is one of the greatest lines ever written in a song.

Merry Christmas. :-)


fever? what fever?


I was a little outbreak monkey last night at Toad with my 102 fever.


but OMG that was a fantastic show! Thank you to Gary Ames on bass, Jacob LaRocca on cajon, and the great Marta Rymer from Grace Morrison and the RSO stepping in with her violin on "My Friends' Band Play"


Thank you to Grace for having us open and for everyone at Toad for being so awesome. and to YOU for coming out to see us - one of our biggest, loudest crowds to date! 


As long as "Goodnight is Not Goodbye" is even LOUDER next time, I'll be in 8th heaven. it's like seventh, but better.




Three days till the end of the world!


...show in Cambridge!


i'm so psyched to be opening for the amazing Grace Morrison and the RSO http://www.reverbnation.com/gracemorrisonandtherso on Friday Dec 21st. I hit the stage at 10pm.


I hope the Mayans are in the right time zone...



the songs are all out there.


sometimes I'm just lucky enough to be the first one who gets to sing them.

thank you


to Plectrum Entertainment and Curtis Hughes and everyone at The Cantab who made the Singer/Songwriter night on Thursday the 8th awesome.

the songs I played:

1.Nov. 8th (of course)

2.We Were There (my second favorite newest song)

3.My Friends' Band Play (I like this song - it's about Antonio's Crush)

4.Etc (I threw down the "third verse in Latin because you never thought you'd hear a song in Latin" challenge)

5.Cuando Te Vas (I figured why not follow it with a song half in Spanish)

6.Goodnight Is Not Goodbye (my newest song, the other songwriters even sang harmonies on the chorus. I like this song a LOT: https://soundcloud.com/dannrusso/goodnight-is-not-goodbye )

aw yeah new song.


so psyched. it's called "Goodnight is Not Goodbye" and you can find it here: http://soundcloud.com/dannrusso/goodnight-is-not-goodbye 


and here are the lyrics.

Goodnight is not goodbye

You were coming home
And you missed your flight
So you stayed behind
At your friends' that night
Couldn't see the stars
Cause the porch light
We trusted they 
Were there all night

And now I mean
And when I dream
You're all I seem
To make out in the dark
You are light

Walk with me
For a little while
You said paragraphs
With just a smile
In the hourglass
The sands of time
We didn't care
To pay them mind

Please tell me goodnight is not goodbye

You walked alone 
An October beach
And you saw a line 
You couldnt reach
Was it in a song
Was it in your head
Was it in your heart
Was it in your head

Please tell me goodnight is not goodbye.

Thank you!


Thank you to everyone who came out to the show Thursday night to check out my original singer/songwriter stuff.

The songs I played were:

1. On The Floor

2. We Were There

3. My Friends' Band Play

4. Capture My Heart

5. Flowers in Your Hair.

Come hear "My Friends' Band Play"


So after almost exactly 24 hours, my newest song, "My Friends' Band Play" has had a LOT of likes and 59 listens on soundcloud. This is by far the MOST I have ever gotten in so short an amount of time. So, thank you everyone who listened, liked, and shared. I'm honored. And if you want to be #60, here's your chance : http://soundcloud.com/dannrusso/my-friends-band-play 


Thank you.

Last-Minute show tonight!


Going to be rocking out w my acoustic out at Precinct in Somerville's hip and trendy Union Square tonight at 9:30. Come on down!

Happy Monday!


Happy Monday - here's a Foo Fighters cover, done acoustically :-P


when it rains it pours?


So after a VERY successful show at McGann's last Friday night, we were invited to play a couple of shows in the future - get thee there!

The first show (coming up quickly) is a Dann solo show at Precinct in Somerville this Tuesday, August 21st, at 9. check it out!


new music!


All this practicing for the show this Friday is inspiring.

check it:


<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src="http://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F55500626&show_artwork=true"></iframe>

another song!


thank you to Timmy Riordan and his "The Fearless Songwriter" https://www.facebook.com/groups/142069592554011/ for encouraging me to write more.


the prompt for today was "a person who you see every day but don't really know that well"

this one is (kinda) about the bartender at James' Gate in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA...


it's called "Hey There Bobby" (no, the names weren't changed to protect the innocent - it's a perfect fit)


it turns out...


it turns out that I am excellent at hula-hoop jumprope. in case you wanted to know.

so psyched


pretty sure we're going to try this song out on the tenth. see you there!



show announcement


this is going to be fun...LIVE BAND SHOW August 10th 8pm McGanns in Boston...check it out:


NEW BLOG! like, new blog for real.


I think I need a place to write. and by write I mean stuff that's not music. Check it out:http://dannrusso.wordpress.com/ (the first entry is the Teddy Roosevelt one, although the next one is about beer :-P)

{new blog} do you know where my teddy bear is?

where's Teddy Roosevelt?


You may know, while I was in Spain, specifically Santiago de Compostela, MORE specifically near the San Xoan XXIII Parking lot, I lost my 36 year old teddy bear, Teddy Roosevelt (named after the statue in front of the Museum of Natural History in NYC).


here's the FB page for you to share so we can find him.





who knew my talents would be used for such good?


Thank you CRAP (it's his name) for allowing me to be part of something awesome - This week's 100 word stories was a fundraiser for Relay For Life, a great charity promoting not only awareness, but searching for a cure for cancer. Here's the link to his page: http://firstlife.isfullofcrap.com/rfl/ and you can donate there as well.

Maine: The way life should be (my 100 word story for July 15th)


So every so often I try my hand at this short story writing thing. and by short I mean SHORT.


100 words.

it's way harder than it looks because I want to write a STORY. not a poem or a song, although those are also valiant struggles in and of themselves.

here's my story about the uncertainty of next year: http://soundcloud.com/dannrusso/maine-the-way-life-should-be-a

4th of July



"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door"
-Emma Lazarus.
Happy "BD" America

"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door"

-Emma Lazarus.

Happy "BD" America*


*The quotes are because officially, everyone started signing on July 2nd. :-)




Drinking coffee at 4:44am in my parents' kitchen. it is a very surreal last week or so. For instance, we got to the airport 8 days ago and I was nervous about asking "cómo llegamos a Chamartín?" (the train station in Madrid). Yesterday morning, I explained in not-uncertain-terms why the gentleman at Europcar was incorrect and needed to change the fuel gauge receipt to "full," followed by a very nice apology from his compañera at the desk. 

The whole week kinda was like that. I went from OMG nervous to "lo tengo." 

muchissimas gracias, España. Y muchissimas gracias a TI, BC High, por la opportunidad.



here is something really nice about the streets and alleyways around Santiago de Compostela. Is it a respect for the caminantes? I'm not sure. there isn't that feeling of "trying to make a buck" that I've seen at other shrines. (not pointing any fingers, Knock. :-P )

new blog {it's gorgeous out and I'm scared}



Happy Father's Day!


I know y'all think you have the best dad in the world. 


It's not true. I do.


love you!

THAT was fun


thank you so much to everyone who stayed around at the cantab tonight.


y'all rule.

open letter to the fans about Facebook



So, I post about baseball and sometimes politics and my scarves and soccer (sorry about that World Cup 2010 thing - I didn't know EVERY comment during the game was posting as a status update), but I try to keep my music stuff (for the most part) to my music page. 
In case you didn't know, FB is making musicians PAY to make sure that all their fans can even see their status. I've gone from 60 or 70% of people who have clicked "like" or "become a fan" seeing my status to 8%. which is sad. and not helpful. 
Either way, because I know you as a family member, friend, or just a fan, please help me out and check out www.dannrusso.com every so often, as I will be putting a LOT more stuff up there than on facebook.com/dannrussomusic . although, feel free to check that out and share away as well.
thank you.

So, I post about baseball and sometimes politics and my scarves and soccer (sorry about that World Cup 2010 thing - I didn't know EVERY comment during the game was posting as a status update), but I try to keep my music stuff (for the most part) to my music page. 

In case you didn't know, FB is making musicians PAY to make sure that all their fans can even see their status. I've gone from 60 or 70% of people who have clicked "like" or "become a fan" seeing my status to 8%. which is sad. and not helpful. 

Either way, because I know you as a family member, friend, or just a fan, please help me out and check out www.dannrusso.com every so often, as I will be putting a LOT more stuff up there than on facebook.com/dannrussomusic . although, feel free to check that out and share away as well.

thank you.



me voy adonde?



five days til takeoff.

oh, and I have a show tomorrow in Cambridge. :-)

Happy June!


I wish I wasn't so rainy. or is it "weren't"? silly subjunctive.

hey, you know who has two thumbs and is artist of the day?




(I mean me. Imagine I'm pointing my two thumbs at me. It works better if it's when I just get out of the shower too, so I have better hair. You know, in your visual image. So my hair's not poofy and all.)



Thanks, Fleming Enterprises!

Memorial Day


On this Memorial Day, a prayer for peace for the souls of those who have fought for peace and a further prayer for peace so that no one else will have to fight.

Show announcement


Yep yep. It's a show announcement - for my birthday! (kinda)



"celebrate Dann's BD with Dann Russo & The Professionals - LIVE BAND SHOW"

Friday June 15th 11pm

{new blog} clearing my head



{new blog} covers or originals?

Opening for and playing with Box of Records tonight


sup, yo?

I'm playing a quick set of mostly covers at 9 and then playing guitar and singing a few tunes with BOX OF RECORDS party band at Costello's in JP, MA tonight. If you're around, this group has some AMAZING musicians playing a bunch of fun songs.

here's the band's site: https://www.facebook.com/BoxofRecordsBand 

thank you Ascanius!


Thank you once again, Matt Webb and everyone at the ASCANIUS EUREKA conference



I had a fantastic time and please check out the mp3s on the "CANE conference & Latin Stuff" page.

Video from the conference to follow!

new blog {where I use my master's degree in Latin and mix it with my music}


new blog! http://ats.dannrusso.com/?section=blog/new_blog_where_i_mix_my_music_with_my_masters_degree_in_latin/

So I'm going to the ASCANIUS (middle school Latin) conference and bringing my guitar today.

I'm going to play my myth- and history-themed songs. Song you never knew were myth- or history-themed, and even a few covers

rock on, Barry.


"it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married." The President agrees with me!

awesome mention of my musical AND authorial talents


Last week I sent in a 100-word story ("Smoke") to a podcast/blog that posts things like that. It's "published!"


also, the blogger got up extra special early this morning to hear my show. pretty awesome.




awesome mention of my musical AND authorial talents. Thanks, Crap!

Radio Interview tonight


so - this is pretty cool - I'm going to be interviewed on UNregularradio.com tonight at 6pm eastern to promote the "Singer/Songwriter Series" at the Cantab Lounge on Thursday, May 10th (which, of course, I will be playing)


tune in from your computer/iPad/phone/etc...


Dann has a Band...with video evidence


yep. I gots a band. and it was amazing.

(that's Frank Colagiovanni on the drums and Gary Ames on bass)

on April 27th, Dann pulls a Dylan for Human Rights


Hailed as "authentic and natural (that is to say acoustic), powerful (that is to say full of passion and energy) and also complex (catchy yet intelligent, folksy yet modern, melodic yet profound…)" while rocking out bronze strings and acoustic guitars, Dann plugs in his Fender Telecaster this Friday for the Boston Initiative to Advance Human Rights' "(human) Traffic Jam" along with Gary Ames on bass and Frank Colagiovanni on Drums, adding yet another layer to five original songs.



Cantab Lounge

Cambridge, MA

Friday, April 27th.


https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/351201554916914/ for info.

Counting Crows cover results


Well I didn't win the Counting Crows cover song contest, but check out my entry and add your opinion in comments http://soundcloud.com/dannrusso/raining-in-baltimore-counting 

New Blog: The Milky Way (with "On The Floor" video)



thank you!


thank you to everyone who came out to the Milky Way last night. It truly was a fun night. A special thank you to Mark Whitaker and James "Sub-Par Co-Star" Force and Lance Reilly, and to Bella Luna/Milky Way for having us!

60 hours.


Countdown: 60 hours until I start panicking over my show Wednesday evening. Not to worry, stressing has already begun.



Just added a whole buncha shows!


keep em coming!

Lizard Lounge!


If you don't know about the Open Mic Challenge at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, WHY DON'T YOU? It's an awesome showcase of talent, always a good night and a good time, and there is even a competition involved. The talent is always so good that the competition becomes almost secondary. I'm playing tonight and if you get a chance, you should come on down! Doors open at 7:30 I'll probably be on around 10.

New blog about playing in Second Life


Hey y'all.


So it occurs to me that I am coming up on my something-hundreth (maybe thousandth?) show in Second Life. If you aren't familiar with SL, it's an on-line 3D world, where you (through an avatar) do pretty much anything you can imagine. Originally, I started playing shows just after my daughter was born almost 6 years ago, thinking that bringing my guitar to the basement was a lot cheaper and less of a hassle than trekking out to one of the myriad places I had been playing. And there were times I could play three or four venues in a day, cranking out originals and covers, playing themed shows, even writing songs as I played them.


Who would have known that I would "meet" some amazing people along the way who (sometimes) believe in my music more than I do/did. It's kind of unbelievable at times. i just wanted to say thank you to the people who offered me shows, made sure I was on time, inspired songs, made sure the crowd was tipping me, videoing my shows so people could watch later, watching the videos later, setting alarm clocks in order not to miss a show.


Thank you everyone. Here's "Don't Say That," my song about movies and how awesome they are, shot by the great SL cinematographer RP Bizzle.


Dann Numbers - Dann Russo at The Lost Continent... by rpbizzle

New Blog about the show and the Crows



New Blog "Identity Crisis"

Sunday Morning show announcement



Spent all night last night at a seedy RL bar playing rock and roll to the locals for four hours...this morning, I bring the acoustic Rock and Soul to YOU! 
SIX AM slt (9am eastern) at The Lost Continent http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Toor/216/201/601 
Dann Numbers ( Dann Russo in RL https://www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic ) is a creative, smart, passionate songwriter who is a little alt, a little classic, a smidge country and all rock. He’s a singer-songwriter with radio-ready original songs (and a few covers for funsies) and a live show so electric, you’ll be amazed it’s just acoustic. A "soon to be phenomenon" (NorthEast In-Tune Magazine), Dann is a lively act that’s hard to follow.
show will also be streaming video at www.livestream.com/dannrusso  

Spent all night last night at a seedy RL bar playing rock and roll to the locals for four hours...this morning, I bring the acoustic Rock and Soul to YOU! 

NINE AM est (6am pacific/slt) at The Lost Continent http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Toor/216/201/601 

Dann Numbers ( Dann Russo in RL https://www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic ) is a creative, smart, passionate songwriter who is a little alt, a little classic, a smidge country and all rock. He’s a singer-songwriter with radio-ready original songs (and a few covers for funsies) and a live show so electric, you’ll be amazed it’s just acoustic. A "soon to be phenomenon" (NorthEast In-Tune Magazine), Dann is a lively act that’s hard to follow.

show will also be streaming video at www.livestream.com/dannrusso  


How DOES one celebrate Ash Wednesday?


NEW BLOG POST: http://ats.dannrusso.com/?section=blog/how_does_one_celebrate_ash_wednesday/ 

the grammys


"Singing into a microphone and learning to play an instrument and learning to do your craft, that's the most important thing for people to do. It's not about being perfect, it's not about sounding absolutely correct, it's not about what goes on in a computer; it's about what goes on in here (heart) and it's about what goes on in here (head)" - Dave Grohl

going black.



Memphis Ferry (Live @ TT The Bear's 1-9-12)

Lessons Learned (Live @ TT The Bears Cambridge 1-9-12)



1. the "UP NEXT" podcast is using some of my songs - which is really cool. Here's the info: Actors / writers / directors share insight and funny stories about the NYC theater world...episode 6: Actor Bill Army, from Woody Allen's Broadway comedy Relatively Speaking, talks agent advice, career questions, and long-distance relationships. Music by Fire Club and Dann Russo. Http://UpNextPodcast.libsyn.com  to download.


2. SHOWS! I gots them. January 9th (this coming Monday) I'm opening the 'ROCK CENTRAL" show at TT The Bear's Place (8pm), and then Jan 21st I'm at the Turnpike Cafe in Canton for a school benefit and Jan 28th I'm playing with BOX OF RECORDS, https://www.facebook.com/BoxofRecordsBand   the great party band for whom I'm the ultimate utility infielder - playing bass, drums and even singing a little, depending on the show. Great musicians, great time!


3. SONGS! I gots them and I'm working on some more. Check out the latest http://youtu.be/r92zbjeyKiE "GREEN RED AND GOLD"

peace always and all ways.


Here's to 2012. Here's to you.



I may be nuts


What better way to ring in the New Year than jumping into the freezing cold North Atlantic? I can't think of one. The air was 45 degrees and according to the internets the water was 40. But it felt like a ton of bricks.


So of course I had to jump in a second time.


Happy New Year!

the 23rd is the perfect date to post this one

Happy Christmas part ONE


to you and all yours. Happy/Merry/Wonderful Christmas part ONE (one of my top three favorite Christmas Songs:)

what have you been up to?


I've been listening to a lot of Frank Turner and Foo Fighters and writing...here's one of the things I came up with. It's called "Green Red and Gold" and has 20-something views already! let's keep that number going up :-)



after five weeks of not playing originals due to family stuff and technological issues I was back this morning. And I almost forgot how awesome it is. Granted, there is always SOMEthing and ustream wasn't my friend this morning so it was audio-only...

For most of the songs I used my Telecaster cause even with my small amp there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when the growl of the overdrive pedal kicks in. But I had to use my acoustic for the newer songs...

the list:

Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles cover); Memphis Ferry (original); Black Sails (original); Green, Red & Gold (NEW original); Glycerine (Bush cover); Stormy As The Sea (original); You and I (Lady Gaga cover - yes, that's right i said it. Gaga.); Strips of Paper (NEW original); Home, Home (NEW original); On The Floor (original). 

Thank you to everyone who listened and next week we'll have the ustream issue figured out. 


Yay Erin Dionne!


As you may know, I have been the "inspiration" for the character Theo Christmas in the novels of Erin Dionne. "Theo" had two songs mentioned in "Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies" and has another song in the newest book, "Notes From an Accidental Band Geek." The song "Her Majesty Cry" (which you can purchase here from iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/her-majesty-cry-single-from/id412628842?i=412628890 ) is the song played at the school dance as Elsie sways.

ALSO, (and even COOLER), the book has been selected by the US Scholastic Bands Association to promote at multiple upcoming events celebrating Marching and Pep Bands! Go Erin!

you can read the official press release on Erin's facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/models-dont-eat-chocolate-cookies-by-erin-dionne/exciting-notes-news/10150348273259940 




Sunday morning vacation


Thank you to everyone who listened in this morning! The Sunday morning services are going on "hiatus" but will be back on the 25th louder and stronger! Also in the works - cover shows once every five weeks INCLUDING the all-Broadway show in February! Make your cover suggestions (bands or songs) in comments

Kant maKe Keene :-(


after three years in a row at the Keene Music Festival I'm missing this year. here's to starting another string of "in a row" in 2012!

New Awesome Book!


if you or anyone you know has ever been in band, they NEED this book. http://www.amazon.com/Notes-Accidental-Band-Geek-Dionne/dp/0803735642/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1314911518&sr=8-3

Back to School shows and more!


Hey y'all -


the summer is winding down which means back to school for everyone...well, for some people, me included!


I wanted to let you know about the special Back-To-School events coming up, during which I will sing at least one school-related song and tell at least one school-related story (tell me yours too!)


This Wednesday, August 24th - 9pm - The Skellig in Waltham, MA (http://www.theskellig.com/ ) I go on at 9 - free show!


This Friday, August 26th - 9pm - The Out Of The Blue Gallery in Cambridge, MA  ( http://www.outoftheblueartgallery.com/ )  I go on at 9 (I think) free show! 


Labor Day Weekend - Saturday, Sept 3rd, 2:30pm as part of the Keene Music Festival in Keene, NH (one of the coolest events at one of the coolest places ever) http://www.keenemusicfestival.org/ 


AND don't forget you can check out my streaming live on-line shows without leaving the comfort of your computer or iPad! scheduled shows are: Sept 1st 9PM; Sept 4th 8AM and a few more - check the site for details!


Peace and love,



mailing list!

thank you!


extra special thank you to UNregular Radio (http://www.unregularradio.com ) for the interview spot yesterday and to F Nice Records Inc. for setting us up with the show last night at the Out of the Blue Gallery. That was a fantastic day of music. audio (and video!) clips to come forthrightly.

ah well, thanks anyway


thank you to everyone who tried to help me out - you win some, you lose some I guess.

I may try this (or something like it) again in the future. It's nice to know that I have at least a handful of people willing to get behind a project like this. And I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it greatly.

thank you



New Song! yay!


"When The Voices" the new Foo-Fighters-y song started like this:


and ended like this:


check it out - tell me what you think.




kickstarter halfway there!


sometimes tips add up everyone! I'm Dann - Dann Numbers in SL and Dann Russo in RL (you can check me out at www(dot)dannrusso(dot)com - I'm trying to get together a CD, which means that I need some help - and there are some pretty cool rewards in it for you as well! Kickstarter is a program that works through Amazon, and you make a pledge. The twist is, if I dont get $3000 by July 21st, you owe nothing. If you make a pledge and I DO get to $3K, then you get a fun reward (t shirt, mug, cd, etc) and I'm happy to send it out to you. But it takes a lot of little tips to add up to a big one, so please share this with everyone you know! the link to pledge is here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dannrusso/help-dann-rock-a-cd-into-your-life 

broadway setbacks


why do I feel very Job-like (the biblical guy) when it comes to music? we need to reschedule the all-Broadway show :-( it will not be this Sunday, July 3rd 

thank YOU for Friday


I'm thanking the amazing crowd who came out and encouraged me to play one of my best shows ever this past Friday at the Out Of The Blue Gallery in Cambridge.


I was able to play, sing, rock out, be quiet, bring it all, and it all worked, thanks to the hardworking people at F Nice Records and the amazing listeners at the amazing listening space.


I was able to even tell the stories of the songs, most of which, I have decided, will be on the record that I will be putting together once I hit my kickstarter goal ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dannrusso/help-dann-rock-a-cd-into-your-life in case you haven't seen the link).


Cafe En San Juan: for the longest time this has been my only half-in-Spanish song, and it occurred to me that I have never recorded it. I love it. It has a great Mexican guitarra feel to it that opened up the show perfectly.


It Seems Just Like A Dream (What A Day): definitely my song with the longest title, it is a really nice love song that kinda rocks describing a day-long-date. my favorite line? "The rain it kinda felt real nice as we walked along in Paradise"


Year: a bittersweet love song of an old man at the beach who has a very tender way of remembering his younger days with his beautiful love.


Dreaming Without You: a great and fun pop song inspired by and inspiring to Erin Dionne's character Theo Christmas in her book "Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies."


Her Majesty Cry: my take on the Orpheus and Eurydice story, also the title of the record.


No Pain: this song rocks. and it was on my first ep in 2004. there is no way we shouldnt put a full-band version of it on this record. 


damn that was a fun night.


thank you again




the "No reason to NOT see Dann on Friday" note


check out the original entry here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/dann-russo/the-no-excuse-to-not-see-dann-this-friday-note/10150213455800423 




but really - if you live in Cambridge or near it, you should totally come out to the STRIPPED down show at Out Of The Blue Gallery (no not THAT kind of stripped. I totally need to lose 15 pounds for that) at 10pm. Rocking out with only a guitar and my voice old-school style.


http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137199829688400 is the link to the FB invite.


and if you don't live in the area and/or don't feel like heading out, you NEED to check out your computer or whatever device on which you watch the interwebs (see that? correct grammar!) at around 6pm eastern time and watch my streaming show (streaming from Muse Isle in Second Life) where you can point, laugh, chat, discuss, make requests (and NO for the last time it's not that kind of show - I need to lose 15 pounds first). just click here at 6pm on Friday: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dann-numbers-russo-live 


thank you all


peace & love,


The Kickstarter Kick Off




I love my original acoustic rock and soul. I want to make it sound good for you to play for your friends. Can you help?

weddings too!


super excited to be playing the cocktail hour at a wedding in Hanover today. This means I'll be dressed really nicely and playing Bell X1, Mumford & Sons, The Beatles, DMB, Ingrid Michaelson, and a bunch of my songs!

great night...and thanks


THAT was a great birthday. and birthday show as part of it. 

Thank you all who came out - if you were there, this is what you heard: Cuando Te Vas, Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen cover), Year, High & Dry (Radiohead cover), Ash Wednesday, Dreaming Without You, Stormy As The Sea, and No Pain (featuring Gary Ames on vocals) just means next year we'll rock ever harder!

almost my BD


1. YAY BROOOONS! I may be permanently on that bandwagon now.


2. just finished an exhausted show - the set list: Stay (Faraway, so close!) (U2 cover), No Pain, Parking Lot Kings, Believe, Black (Pearl Jam cover), Memphis Ferry, Dreaming without you, Gone, Cuando te vas, Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen cover

thank you Ponkapoag Civic Association


Thank you so much for having me - I had a fun time playing and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. I can't wait to go back!

special thank you to Jackie Singleton for putting it all together.

my set list last night was a fun mix of originals and covers:

Parking Lot Kings (original)

Cafe en San Juan (original)

The Cave (Mumford & Sons cover)

Gone (original)

Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead cover)

One Hot Second (original)

Changes (original)

Black Sails (original)

Waterfall (original)

Shattered (Turn The Car Around) (O.A.R. cover)

Bittersweet Love (original)

Para Que No Tengas Sed (original)

(What's So Funny About) Peace, Love and Understanding (Elvis Costello cover)

Grey Street (Dave Matthews Band cover)

Year (original)

Stay (Far Away So Close) (U2 cover)

Memphis Ferry (original)

Crash Into Me (Dave Matthews Band cover)

Dreaming Without You (original)

Stormy As The Sea (original)

Fix You (Coldplay cover)

Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds (Beatles cover)

Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms (original)

you missed a great show last night


 you did! I played the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge - always a fantastic time with tremendous talent. I encourage everyone - even those who don't play music - to go there and check it out. Every week is different. Every week is amazing.


but back to me.


when people ask me about my music, I say "when it rains it pours" because it DOES!


after not playing for what feels like years, I have a show every day this week and into next week, but some of them are private events, so I want to focus your attention on three things:


1. Thursday, June 16th is my BD and although I have a show booked at The All Asia in Cambridge at 8pm I really want it to be a jam. So bring your guitar/accordion/kazoo and we'll have fun.


2. Friday June 24th - TOTALLY unplugged playing at the Out Of The Blue Gallery in Cambridge at 10pm like it's someone's living room with F Nice Records


3. on Thursday I will be announcing the beginning of my Kickstarter campaign to make a record. (for those of you who are wondering, Kickstarter is a way of me asking for YOUR help to make the record - and there are more than a few nice parting gifts you could end up with.)




and let me know if you hear of anyone who needs some music this summer. I'm totally up for it.






why merely like something or someone when you can love them? :-) go out and love something or someone today!

the 7 line



such a great tweet! had to share it "The7Line The 7 Line 
Check out the very talented Dan Russo rockin out this morning while wearing our Shea Catcher shirt. Thanks Dan!" I don't even mind the misspelling - thank YOU to The 7 Line

such a great tweet! had to share it "The7Line The 7 Line Check out the very talented Dan Russo rockin out this morning while wearing our Shea Catcher shirt. Thanks Dan!" I don't even mind the misspelling - thank YOU to The 7 Line


you can check out their "for the fans by the fans" Mets t shirts and scarves at http://www.the7line.com 




it's June First. it's time to announce that I will be kicking off a kickstarter campaign this weekend! www.kickstarter.com for more info

Thursday night review


It's been two days and I figure that now is a good time to reflect back on my performance on Thursday night, now that the exhaustion of Thurs and Fri has worn off a little and I can think about it.


Thursday night - All Asia Cafe.


Sometimes when you go to a show, you can tell the performer(s) are mailing it in. Other times when you go to a show, you can TELL that the performer(s) are leaving it all on stage, sweating blood to emote, evoke and connect. Telling stories, preaching, singing, growling, playing the guitar, beating it up, inviting the audience in and blowing them away at the same time.


I could not have been happier. I could not have rocked more.


I want to thank Curtis Hughes and Plectrum Entertainment for hooking me up with this show, and figuring out some time for me even though there was a scheduling mix up.


I want to thank Chris Igo and his band for putting on a great show, getting a million people there and then sticking around to check out some of my music. And then staying. And then staying. It was awesome.


I want to thank my pedals. For the first time "in Real Life" I pulled out my pedals. My delay, overdrive, tremolo and chorus colored the black stage of the All Asia as well as the sound coming out of the speakers. I was told to tell you "they enrich [my] music and broaden [my] expression" when really it makes me less terrified and a lot more relaxed and comfortable and focused on the songs. And that enriching thing, too.


I want to thank Rob Walling for being Rob Walling - and I owe him a Guinness.


and I want to thank what might be a career resurgence, if you can call it that, from the confidence that has been unearthed with a little help from my friends.


If you were there you heard:

On The Floor

Dreaming Without You

Cuando Te Vas

High & Dry (Radiohead cover)

Stormy As The Sea

No Pain

THAT was a good show


damn I love it when it all comes together.

so I was the "next" act after a lymphoma benefit show. Consequently there were a lot of people there and I felt as if it was a challenge - Keep as many people as possible. 


And I think it worked. This is what I gave them:


the set list from tonight. The first night that I used my pedals "in RL." The night I went all out and rocked my set of 6 songs as hard as I possibly could.

and oh damn it was fantastic.

the list: On The Floor, Dreaming Without You, Cuando Te Vas, High & Dry (Radiohead cover), Stormy As The Sea, No Pain.

thank you thank you thank you

Thurs April 14th


today's set list:


Fortunes, Forecasts and Lucky Charms; Plain Jane; Easter Bunny Blues; No Pain; Stormy as the Sea; Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons cover); High and Dry (Radiohead cover); Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles cover); Ruby Red Hair; Waiting for the Dawn; Cuando te vas; Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen cover)

set list from this morning and show tonight!


I can't wait for tonight. In anticipation I took the road less travelled this morning and played an "every other" setlist. it's weird to do that because it's something I do very rarely. I liked it. I hope you did too.


the list:

The Cave (Mumford & Sons cover), Black Sails, High and Dry (Radiohead cover), One Hot Second, She Talks to Angels (Black Crowes cover), Stormy as the Sea, Bright Lights (Matchbox20 cover), Greensleeves, Breaking the Girl (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover), Cuando te vas, Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen cover), Her Majesty Cry.


watch it here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/13902668 


AND Don't forget the Johnny D's show (Davis Sq, Somerville, MA) at 9pm tonight!

5 days til Sunday!

Sunday April 2nd set list


Sunday Mornings are never EASY :-P


there is a bit or rock and roll thrown in there.


The set list this morning: Cuando te vas, It Seems Just Like a Dream (What a Day), Dreaming Without You, Parking Lot Kings, Gone, Ruby Red Hair, Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons cover), Plain Jane, One Hot Second, Stay (Faraway, so close!) (U2 cover), Ash Wednesday, Fantasy.

March 31st


Do you think Lucas Duda can Wally Pipp Jason Bay? #LetsGoMets

monday nights all originals


so every other Monday (or so) I've been playing the "All Originals" set on FCMC radio, streamed into Second Life at The Loft and of course live on ustream.tv.


it's kind of awesome


and some days are really tiring and I'm willing the clock to go faster and other days I look down to make sure I'm hitting that Bm chord correctly and BAM it's 20 minutes later. Tonight was one of those FUN AWESOME "Time really DOES fly when you're having fun" nights.


I love those. And I love when people watch/listen. So, THANK YOU to every one who did. This is what you heard:


Year; Cuando te vas; Ruby Red Hair; Fantasy; Oh Canada; Stormy as the Sea; Para que no tengas sed; Lessons Learned; Fortunes, Forecasts and Lucky Charms, Black Sails; How Do You Spell L.O.V.E

Cafe En San Juan


RT @ustream Check out Dann "Cafe En San Juan" half en Espanol song 3/27 http://ustre.am/_V3UD:FID this is the one I SHOULD have posted :-) 

Stormy As The Sea video


So I stream my music out over the (airwaves?) all the time - streaming shows, posting on my sites, and I finally figured out how to make a "highlight" of the live show.


This is "Stormy As The Sea," one of the finest songs I have ever written. Enjoy. and please share.


april 10th show announcement



this is so cool. I was asked by ourstage.com to take part in the April 10th Singer/Songwriter night at Johnny D's in Davis Square, Somerville. I know it's a school night (it's a Sunday), but should be over around 11 so you can catch an earlier-than-the-last T or drive home with plenty of time to sleep :-)
the official ourstage invite is here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=196347120398591 
See you there!

this is so cool.

I was asked by ourstage.com to take part in the April 10th Singer/Songwriter night at Johnny D's in Davis Square, Somerville. I know it's a school night (it's a Sunday), but should be over around 11 so you can catch an earlier-than-the-last T or drive home with plenty of time to sleep :-)

the official ourstage invite is here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=196347120398591 

my invite is here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=201829359841443 

See you there!




another video! - On The Floor (live)


So I made another video! this one is live concert footage of On The Floor from the show at TT The Bear's in Cambridge, MA on March 16th.

Thank you to Gary Ames on guitar.

Thank you to Davina Yannetty for setting up the show.

Thank you to Megan Mullin for the video.

new blog about tomorrow night's show

set list for one and a half shows


Ah, Monday after Daylight Savings Changes. The day that everyone gives a resigned sigh in unison that their day is totally thrown off...

so I played not one, but one and a half shows.

and not early ones, but late ones.

here's the set list and a half:

Don’t Say That, Nov 8th, Plain Jane, Steal your Crown, Cuando te vas, Her Majesty Cry, Et cetera, One Hot Second, Black Sails, Memphis Ferry.

show #2: Waiting For The Dawn, Dreaming Without You, Stormy as the Sea, Parking Lot Kings, Fortunes, Forecasts and Lucky Charms.

And if you have never heard Steal Your Crown, it's cause I wrote it as I was playing it. It's about Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Email me at dannrussomusic@aol.com and I'll send you an mp3 of it. :-)

ah bloggidy blog blog


blog stuff up! you can always catch it here:




or here:






a set list FIRST?


why not?

I figure it couldn't hurt to remind you

1. I have a show at (in now less than 30 min) - 9pm est Thursday, I have one 6pm est Friday and I have one Sunday Morning at 8am est (all 3 available to watch from the comfort of your own computer here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dann-numbers-russo-live ) AND I have a RL show this Wednesday at TT The Bear's in Cambridge at 9.

this wednesday's show is with the fantastic Davina Yannetty and Meg Lynch and the great Dave Mirabella from the Rationales. info here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=112296468847419 

2. I am blown away, my Ash Wednesday video has had 170+ views in about 48 hours. I am grateful and thankful and you are awesome - keep spreading the news! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGb-kW2mZvs 

3. My list tonight may end up looking something like this:

**On The Floor

**No Pain

**Her Majesty Cry

**Cuando Te Vas

**Black Sails

**Stormy As The Sea (the NEW NEW song)

**Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (U2 cover)

**Waiting For The Dawn

**Dreaming Without You

**Ash Wednesday (the NEW VIDEO)

**One Hot Second



Ash Wednesday (new video)


Ok so. two stories.


1. Last year on Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent) a friend of mine put up a link on her blog (http://felicemifa.wordpress.com ) to the T.S. Eliot poem "Ash Wednesday." I read it a few times and was struck by the muse in the only way muses know how to strike - with a sledgehammer. So I took a few lines from the poem and made it a first verse and then wrote the rest.


As often happens when I write meaningful, personal, thoughtful lyrics, I hide them. There is a certain sense of not wanting to be judged on feelings. It's ok if you don't like one of my songs that has a story in it or is about another person, but if it's feelings and about me? I have major issues putting it out there for perusal.


So when my friend asked to hear the song when I told her about it, I hemmed and hawed as only I can (procrastination is a gift) and so here, about a year later, she asked if I had a video for the song, which lead me to...


2. my video. like a VIDEO video. it's very moody. it's very atmospheric. I kinda love it. and I did it all myself. Which makes it much cooler. If you like it half as much as I do...no, if you like it a QUARTER as much as I do, that's a lot of like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGb-kW2mZvs 

so, enjoy. share with your friends, your enemies, your enemies' friends, your friends' enemies, your family (and especially people who are in multiple of those categories!)


anyway, thank you.



new store!


just putting the finishing touches on the new store here:


but hey - don't buy anything yet if you plan on donating to the KICKSTARTER fund - the T shirts and Coffee Mugs are reward items :-P

the ONE thing I didn't do in Portland


was music. playing, seeing, listening (well, does the radio count?)

Portland, Maine is an amazing little city. I counted 8 restaurants on one block more than once. And every one of those gastronomic temples were full or close to full on a windy, freezing, windy, cold, windy (did I say windy?) Saturday night.

I had amazing oysters at J's Oysters (thank you, Tony Bourdain for pointing us in that direction) and some fantastic Portland Beer, pan seared gnocchi that ruled and probably too much Cabernet which led to the lack of music (Robert Randolph and the Family Band were playing around the corner from our hotel but between the wine and the exhaustion I just passed out)...

I have always thought of myself as many things. The ONE thing that I'm almost...embarrassed? nervous? to tell people I am is a musician. I play music. I write music. I sing music. By all intents and purposes I should be firm and resolute in my "I'm a musician"-ness. For whatever reason - I don't pay my bills with it, I am still trudging through "paying my dues" at the tender age of almost 35, the songs are sometimes too personal - I shy away from telling people what I do. At a recent doctor's appointment, when he asked "what do you do for hobbies" I said "whatever my kids like to do" and it dawned on me 20 minutes after leaving the office that I should have said "play guitar" "music" or whatever.

I'm going to try to...no. I'm GOING TO say it more often. Maybe I can convince myself a little better.

So if you see me falter or hesitate, tell me it's ok, ok? :-)

Feb. Schedule and Fun


hey everyone. I'm putting the list of my shows (so far) here. Every one of them will be available to watch live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dann-numbers-russo-live and we are working on getting everything streamed audio too - just check back to get the audio link if you'd like.

ALSO, we are working on a podcast if anyone knows a lot about that - seems that 10pm is too late and 8am too early for some people (you know who you are :-P) and if you are watching in Second Life, the "Pacific" times are SLT.

but here we go:

Thurs Feb 10th - 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific

Sat Feb 12th - 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Sun Feb 13th - 8am Eastern/5am Pacific

Wed Feb 16th - tentatively 10pm eastern

Sun Feb 20th - 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific

Fri Feb 25th - 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific

Sat Feb 26th - 10am Eastern/7am Pacific

Sun Feb 27th - 8am Eastern/5am Pacific

Sunday Morning Playback?

Sunday Sunday Sunday

just a reminder - if you guys are awake at 8am on Sundays you should totally check out my ustream shows and mock my PJs
this show NEVER gets snowed/iced/rained out :-P

Live in RL update


awesome news! this Wednesday - NINE pm 


so you have plenty of time to dig out the car or a path to the T and come on down!



Live in RL(tm) concert series starts!


Live In Real Life (tm) is the concert series in which Dann (hey! that's me!) and, hopefully, YOU leaves the house to go out into the wilds of the Real World and plays some music for your entertainment!

you can get a preview here: www.dannrusso.com and listen in and make requests

The FEBRUARY SECOND version of the show @ TT THE BEARS in CAMBRIDGE features the AMAZING Casey Sullivan playing a few of her songs and dueting on a few of mine.

it's being put on my the fantastic Davina Yanetty -you can see the offical invite here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=185495044807498

More shows already booked in April and June...with more to come :-)

I'm psyched! see you there.

Wed nes day se tli st



Plain Jane,

Dreaming Without You,

Her Majesty Cry,

Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons cover),

Et cetera,

Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover),

Café en San Juan,

Parking Lot Kings,

One Hot Minute,

Lessons Learned,

No Pain



I want to be Russell Hammond when I grow up why do I feel like one of the out of focus guys?

it's here! it's here!

ah the new year list


the first show of the new year, moved from early morning to early afternoon for all those who still had hangovers




the set list:

Believe, Café en San Juan, Nov. 8th, Waterfall, Cuando te vas, Lessons Learned, Black Sails, Year, On the Floor, Her Majesty Cry, Waiting for the Dawn, Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi cover), Plain Jane

I'm playing less in-your-face songs


I think it might be working. what do you think?


the set list from tonight:

Plain Jane, Cuando te vas, Changes, (Waterfall), Et cetera, One Hot Second, Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons cover), Lessons Learned, On the Floor, Greensleeves, Capture My Heart

Track Listing for "Her Majesty Cry"


So, this CD started as a project for a Classics conference and kinda grew from there. It has a "classics" rock tinge to it. Get it? Classics?

I put where I got the ideas for the songs from in parentheses

1. Cuando Te Vas (with lines taken from Catullus poem 8)

2. Black Sails (about Theseus and Ariadne)

3. Her Majesty Cry (about Orpheus and Eurydice)

4. Waiting For The Dawn (the only non-classical-mythological song on the ep, but it IS about vampires)

5. Paris (about the Trojan War)

6. Ulysses (about Odysseus's trip home from Troy)

Happy & Merry Christmas!


Felices Navidades a todos! muchissimas gracias por 2010 y haz un buen 2011!



ok it's not really THAT secret


there is a rumor (confirmed, by the way) that there will be a new EP available on iTunes right after the New Year!


the album is called "Her Majesty Cry" tracklisting and cover to follow...

wednesday's show


ah Wednesday started off not too great but ended amazing. thank you!

the black t shirt won. you saw it! and this is what you heard: Cuando te vas, Dreaming Without You, Et cetera, Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons cover), Lessons Learned, Plain Jane, Rock Star, Capture My Heart, No Pain, Changes, Waiting for the Dawn

new site!


so after a little soul-ish searching and asking a few people, this is what we came up with for the new website layout.

I kinda like the stars and the blue. I wear too much brown as it is...

What do you think?

Beatles Show!!


omg I'm so tired. my mind is almost on the brink. I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink? that was an awesome show - thank you so so much to everyone who took part in our global-wide celebration of The Beatles and John Lennon's music to honor the 30th anniversary of his assassination. Much love and peace to y'all and youse guys too.


The set list:

The Long and Winding Road; Taxman; Paperback Writer; I Want You (She’s so Heavy); Rocky Raccoon; All You Need is Love; While My Guitar Gently Weeps; Come Together; And Your Bird Can Sing; You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away; Tomorrow Never Knows; Julia; Octopus’s Garden; Dear Prudence; Got to Get You Into My Life; We Can Work it Out; Let it Be; With a Little Help From My Friends; Twist and Shout; Cry Baby Cry; Helter Skelter; The Fool on the Hill; Yellow Submarine; I’m so Tired; I Am the Walrus; Imagine; Happy Xmas (War is Over); Nowhere Man

As you know, I play a lot of music - and a lot of it in my basement, streaming into Second Life (and your computer - wherever you are)


As you know, I play a lot of music - and a lot of it in my basement, streaming into Second Life (and your computer - wherever you are)


and it's a weird situation. I mean, I am for all intents and purposes alone, trying to give a performance for people I can only see as avatars on a computer screen a few feet from my face with (thankfully) their names over their heads.


and it's easy to write them off as characters in a computer game, merely helping you kill time like Mario and the Princess used to do as you sit there waiting for whatever is "next " in your life to happen.


but what is actually the case is that there are live, real, physical human beings with souls and dreams and wants and desires. and some of those people are HUGE supporters of music, art, creativity and honesty.


unfortunately, SecondLife lost one of those people today - lost in real life. And my thoughts and wishes of peace go out to the rl and sl family of Delinda Dyrssen (in sl)/Denise Williams (in rl).


and the real reason I am writing this is that her family asked that rememberances of her be left in the form of donation to two very worthy causes: KDIGO (http://kdigo.org/) which helps fight kidney disease and/or Shay Kelly of Project 50/50, http://shaykelley.com/ who is setting off on an inspiring journey to spread good will and love around the country.


and if you don't know what SL is, have never met Delinda/Denise, have two kidneys that function very well or even want to stay home every night, you may find a nice way to give thanks this week is by helping out.




Tuesday Morning Quarterback


Last night at the LizardLounge Cambridge my guitar input shorted out during "Cuando Te Vas" and so i played "Believe" on the piano. the quality is not yet determined. but I looked good. :-)

U2 show on Sunday


This Sunday is the reprise of the U2-only covers show! You totally have to listen. and watch.u2_big_pic.jpg

Sunday Morning over medium with a side of hash browns


BROWNS not BROWNIES. weirdo.


I was tempted to play some Black Crowes after last night's awesome show, but I decided instead to play with the pedals a little more, get comfy, figure them out, add some stuff and I REALLY LIKED IT. The delay and tremolo was awesome on Kelly and the distortion added a "next" layer to On The Floor that made me laugh out loud for real.


I can't wait to play again


the set list:


Changes; No Pain; Kelly; EAB; Imagine (John Lennon cover); On the Floor; Cuando te vas; Until the End of the World (U2 cover); Fortunes, Forecasts and Lucky Charms; Black Sails; Waiting for the Dawn




thursday's singer/songwriter night


I always enjoy the singer/songwriter nights at The All Asia. There is always some really good talent, and there is always a fantastically cool vibe when people are willing to chill, to give each other support and confidence AND be able to give up the mic to someone else...share the spotlight...help each other out.

It's a really neat concept to begin with. And even neater last Thursday. You see, instead of the usual 4 mics and everyone takes a turn a song at a time, there was only one mic. Which, of course, made it slightly more difficult to host the "circle." As often happens when you get creative people together and allow them to be creative, everyone was really cool about it and 3 songs at a time brought the audience and performers even closer. Less like a concert. More like a living room. Performers left their chairs on stage to hang out with friends, order more beer, run to the bathroom. It was almost like those late nights in college. Bottles barely containing anything on the floor, tables, chairs, desks, everyone in a state of chill and happiness. Things like this should happen again. And again.

and the songs I played were: Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms; Parking Lot Kings; Dreaming Without You; Cuando Te Vas; Para Que No Tengas Sed; No Pain & Etc.


thank you TLC


A little TLC every Sunday makes me happy.

It may sound weird to the uninitiated, but playing The Lost Continent every Sunday is one of my most favorite places to play in THE WORLD. check out the review here: http://tlcont.wordpress.com/ 

and thank you to everyone there and everyone who listens/watches through your computer. YOU put the TLC in The Lost Continent

shows for the week


I should TOTALLY let you know when you can listen to and watch! It's always a lot more fun when I can interact with y'all.

this week:

Monday 10/18 - 7pm slt (10pm eastern) Muse Isle (in Second Life) if you're in SL, go there! if you aren't in SL, listen here: and/or watch here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dann-numbers-russo-live 

Wednesday 10/20 - 7pm slt (10 pm eastern) The Loft (In Second Life) if you're in SL, go there! if you aren't in SL, listen here: and/or watch here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dann-numbers-russo-live

Thursday 10/21 - 7pm eastern All Asia Cafe (In Cambridge, MA) If you're in the Boston/Cambridge area totally get to 334 Mass Ave. (Central Sq on the Red Line). it's a great singer/songwriter circle with some talented people taking turns telling stories and playing songs

Saturday 10/23 - 7AM slt (10AM eastern) - start your morning right at the Blarney Stone (in Second Life) if you're in SL, go there! if you aren't in SL, listen here: and/or watch here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dann-numbers-russo-live

and, como siempre, Sunday 10/24 - 4am slt (7AM eastern) - the Sunday Morning Service at The Lost Continent (in Second Life) if you're in SL, go there! if you aren't in SL, listen here: and/or watch here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dann-numbers-russo-live

a little Bruce Preview?


you may know I'm playing an all-Bruce show this Sunday...


check out the preview (I'm On Fire) here:



the end? the beginning?


so there are merely three days left in the season and the Mets have been looking to 2011 for about three weeks if not more...is it hockey season yet?


on top of that, I dont have a show for two weeks? nah. I'll have to play one before then :-)

ustream I stream we all stream for rock and soul!


so...I tried it.


for the first time.


I liked it.


a lot.


ustream! I may do a bunch of shows on it from now on - you should totally check out what a wreck my basement is next time. Everything is up on http://www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic 



List of Originals


someone pointed out to me that I haven't posted a list of my originals in a while...and DAMN there are a lot of them.


check it!


Dann Originals:



Bittersweet Love

Black Sails

Breaking Out

Cafe En San Juan

Can't Imagine

Capture My Heart


Devil's Tree




Don't Say That

Dreaming Without You


etc...(et cetera)


Frank Advice


Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms


Good Morning, Chelsea


Her Majesty Cry

How Do You Spell L.O.V.E.?

It Seems Just Like A Dream (What A Day)


Lessons Learned


Means Justify The Ends

Memphis Ferry

No Pain

Nov. 8th

On The Floor

One Way Trip

Parking Lot Kings

Para Que No Tengas Sed

Plain Jane

Rain is the Same


Ruby Red Hair

Run Out Of Reach

She Asks


St. Christopher Medal



Waiting For The Dawn

Whispering Amen


yay monday


and Monday nights don't suck. :-) thank you to everyone who listened! 


the set list from last night:

On the Floor; Fortunes, Forecasts and Lucky Charms; Parking Lot Kings; Waiting for the Dawn; Café en San Juan; Run Out of Reach; Did You Ever Have?; Mona; Changes; Paris; Dreaming Without You

damnit I did it again


I keep forgetting to post the set lists here (my own website! damn!)


so here's this morning's list. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING


Run Out of Reach; Black Sails; Barrel Of A Gun (Guster cover); Memphis Ferry; Waiting for the Dawn; Fortunes, Forecasts and Lucky Charms; Dreaming Without You; Breaking the Girl (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover); Ash Wednesday; Believe; The Locksmith; Again

The Best of The Mailing List


As you may know, at my shows, instead of walking around begging for people's email addresses, I leave business cards and different colors markers so that people can leave a note or a drawing or a message. I have collated some of the best of them so far in an album - you need to check it out!



get inspired for the next time you see me live or even get inspired and email your drawings/messages to me! dannrussomusic@aol.com 





schedule for the week


so it occurs to me that if people are interested in checking out the website, there isn't always an updated schedule - especially of new ONLINE shows. You know, the kind that you can do whatever it is you're doing around the house and still listen in and send requests.




I shall start posting them!


this week:

Wednesday Sept. 8th - 9pm est/6pm pacific - SL Show - Hotel Chelsea

Thursday Sept 9th - 8:30pm est/5:30 pm pacific - SL Show - Hummingbird Cafe

Friday Sept 10th - 10pm est/7pm pacific - SL Show - CoCo's

Saturday Sept 11th - block party show helping out "Box of Records" around 4pm in Roslindale, MA.


as always, more information, including where to click to listen, can be found at http://www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic 


peace, Dann

two things



1. you may know I'm a man of many (ok, like 4) talents. One (I hope) is writing. so I'm asking you to do me a huge favor. go to this site: http://bourdainmediumraw.com/essays/view/1340 where my essay is ranked 190th of 1500 and read it and vote for me (just click on the FB logo)
2. tomorrow (Friday) night I have this awesome get interviewed/play music thing in SL - you should totally check it out and learn everything you wanted to know and more about me!

1. you may know I'm a man of many (ok, like 4) talents. One (I hope) is writing. so I'm asking you to do me a huge favor. go to this site: http://bourdainmediumraw.com/essays/view/1340 where my essay is ranked 190th of 1500 and read it and vote for me (just click on the FB logo)

2. tomorrow (Friday) night I have this awesome get interviewed/play music thing in Second Life - you should totally check it out and learn everything you wanted to know and more about me! If you aren't on SL, I'll post the link at www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic 


great review!


just saw a great and awesome review: "Dann is a wonderful guitarist who knows how to put on a rockin show. Listen to his blend of blues, rock, country and gospel...and his eclectic performance style ranges from quietly soulful to sweaty and loud." thank you Chestnut!



saturday and sunday


SUN morning set list: Sunday Morning Coming Down (Kris Kristofferson cover); Fortunes, Forecasts, And Lucky Charms; Means Justify The Ends; Cry baby cry (Beatles cover); Paris; On The Floor; Rock Star; Capture My Heart; Sigh no more (Mumford & Sons cover); Café en San Juan; Lessons Learned; I’m on fire (Bruce Springsteen cover); Dreaming Without You; Waiting For The Dawn 

SAT night at SLCC '10 was Café en San Juan; No Pain; Fantasy; Cat's in the Cradle (Harry Chapin cover); Fortunes, Forecasts, and Lucky Charms...whew! and thanks!


SLCC was phenomenally fun - and I even had Hippie Bowman and Ed Lowell sitting in to play!

new show!


just added a show Friday night! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=145989938747280&index=1 East Boston, MA. 

a blog link?


so it appears that the blog Americana Daily picked up my video! kinda awesome. http://www.americanadaily.com/2010/07/dann-russo-waiting-for-dawn.html check out their other links to some damn good musicians...but it leads me to the next question. WHAT SONG TO DO NEXT? any ideas?


I'm thinking either...Cafe en San Juan; Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms; Parking Lot Kings; or Her Majesty Cry...tell me your opinion!

a review?


my newest review: "Don't you dare expect to fall asleep during this set because amphetamines have NOTHING on Dann! Dann is 100% talent and 150% energy." I kinda like it.

new video!!


I think of it as using "naptime" usefully.

I took my first attempt at using iMovie and setting it up in my basement (aka "Broken Strings Studio") and seeing what happened.

As an actual review, I think I could have placed the computer better and maybe played with the sound a little more...but as a raw first try, I'm impressed with myself!

The song is "Waiting For The Dawn"

the video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoqD-5JqcdI 

I think it's cool.


my 2 cents


so with all this hype this individual basically took over basketball. I haven't seen this kind of narcissistic behavior since Narcissus himself. And I am not happy with ESPN catering to his ridiculous whim. And I think the Knicks will finish better than the Heat this upcoming year. :-)

cool interview!




it's ME!


check it out - share with your friends :-)

another rockin sunday


damn fine way to start sunday morning. the set list: Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons cover), Dreaming Without You, Year, Run Out of Reach, EAB, I Don't Want To Be (Gavin DeGraw cover), Fortunes, Forecasts, And Lucky Charms, Yellow (Coldplay cover), Ruby Red Hair, Believe, The Fly (U2 cover), Changes, Don't Say That, Black Sails. THANK YOU

thank you for listening!


thank YOU so much for listening everyone...tonight's set list: It Seems Just Like a Dream (What a Day), Footsteps, Capture My Heart, Come Undone (Duran Duran cover), Café en San Juan, Domestic, Greensleeves, Dirge, Changes, Good Morning Chelsea, The Locksmith, Lemonade.

step two


step two: just uploaded two "fan" videos (my friend took them on his phone) from the CANE conference -

1. "etc" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqJIPEBq7pc

2. "black sails" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9IfQSaI-oc

(pretty good quality for a phone! thank you Emil!)

check them out! let me know what you think


peace, Dann

two show day!


yay my first two show night in a while!

1. The Ruins:


Dreaming without you,


Black (Pearl Jam cover),

Parking lot kings,

It seems just like a dream (what a day),

On the floor,

Fix you (Coldplay cover),

Mona (Antonio's Crush cover),

Capture my heart


2. Bay Vista:

Ruby red hair;

How do you spell L.O.V.E;


Fortunes, forecasts, and lucky charms;

Para que no tengas sed;

Norwegian wood (Beatles cover);

Her Majesty cry;

Means justify the ends;

Café en San Juan;

Falling slowly (Glen Hansard cover);

Waiting for the dawn;

MLK (U2 cover)


thank you so much to everyone who came out and/or listened!

today's set list


Sunday shows are always fun - you should totally listen in next week! click on this link: http://jas.slstreaming.de:8504 right around 8am eastern standard time/5am pacific/ noon GMT and rock out!


Today's set list:

Did you ever have; Fortunes, forecasts and lucky charms; Zebra (John Butler Trio cover); Don’t say that; Gone; Dice;  Café en San Juan; Ruby red hair; Greensleeves; Parking lot kings; Rockstar

Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms, grandmas, godmothers, nanas, mimis, nonnies, mas, stepmoms, great-grans...


sore what?


aw hell yeah. I like when a show that starts off with kinda a sore throat turns into a really good rock show. thank you to everyone who listened! peace.

that was a fun show...even if you didnt hear the last three songs


he he


so, second life totally cut out with three songs left in my set. So, if you were listening on iTunes or winamp you were all set. Second Life, however, missed the last three songs. Which means you'll just have to come back and ask me to play them for you! (I totally will, too). Here's the setlist: Don’t say that; Dreaming without you; Falling slowly (Glen Hansard cover); Frank advice; Parking lot kings; Lessons learned; On the floor; Black (Pearl Jam cover); Year; Capture my heart

working out the kinks


brushing away the cobwebs

getting everything back in working order


it's been almost two weeks since my last show! (and it seems like months) but I think it turned out ok...


thank you to Lisa Hughes for setting me up and Virginia Gallino for making me sound good.


and the set list: Dice; Fortunes, Forecasts and lucky charms; Did you ever have; Ruby red hair; Parking lot kings; It seems just like a dream (what a day); Mona; No Pain; I’m goin’ down (Bruce Springsteen cover); St Christopher medal; Her Majesty cry; Dreaming without you; Yellow (Coldplay cover); Believe



aw that was a lot of fun! (granted my alarm woke me up with THREE minutes to go before the show started omg I'm so embarrassed) thank you so much to http://treet.tv for having me. the songs, in case you missed it: RockStar; Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms; Parking Lot Kings; Black Sails; Her Majesty Cry; Cafe en San Juan; No Pain :-)

"LIVE" show tonight



9pm slt/pacific; midnight EST

If you can’t make it to the live taping in SL you can still watch live on “in world”  Tv’s  or on  the internet at   http://treet.tv/live(now with live Fan Chat) or later on itunes or  the Treet TV  Archives.

“Live n Kickin” is a  Live Music Weekly TV Show broadcast on the Web on Treet TV and Produced by Perfect World Productions, is now available to be viewed on the Treet.tv website, in world TV’s  and now  on Itunes!

Bar East 3/27/10 - set list and downloads

on first avenue between 89th and 90th is a non-descript door leading down a set of stairs to a fantastically cool space to have a show... The Brooklyn Beer and Stella Artois were delicious and twice the pizza delivery guy came through...I think it sounded pretty good - but you decide for yourself! Some live tracks will be up on http://www.dannrusso.com and http://www.reverbnation.com/dannrusso this afternoon. thank you to everyone who came out - see y'all soon! 1. Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms 2. Dreaming Without You 3. Her Majesty Cry 4. Fire 5. Cafe en San Juan 6. No Pain and Shannon McMahon was fantastic! She even asked me to come up on stage for "Big Yellow Taxi" :-) peace, Dann

set list from the William Williams celebration at the Joseph Webb Lodge of Masons in Boston

what a friendly, warm, and inviting place. Thank you, Rob Walling, for asking me to play - any time you need someone in the future, let me know...The Masons are a great organization and deserving of praise. I started off the performance with a little cocktail music but quickly was encouraged to rock it out a little...I was joined by one of the members on two songs! I even got a tour of the building, but no insight into the "secrets"...alas, instead of the Holy Grail, though, I had some Smithwicks, a lovely dinner and single malt scotch, and met some fun and welcoming people...and played these songs: 1. Gone (instrumental version) 2. Her Majesty Cry 3. Cafe en San Juan 4. Paris 5. If I Had A Hammer (Peter Paul and Mary cover) 6. Fool on the Hill (Beatles cover) 7. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Beatles cover) 8. Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms 9. Don't Say That 10. It Seems Just Like a Dream (What a Day) 11. Hazy Shade of Winter (Simon & Garfunkel cover) 12. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (U2 cover) 13. Rocket Man (Elton John cover) 14. No Pain I had a great night - I hope everyone else did too... peace, Dann

CANE annual conference

That was a LOT of fun presenting (playing) at CANE yesterday - thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to play, to all the attendees, and to the long-ago writers of myth who put together some amazing material with which to write music. For those of you who are wondering, the set list was: 1. Run Run Run (the story of Apollo and Daphne) 2. Paris (the story of Paris and the Trojan War) 3. Ulysses (the story of the Odyssey) 4. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (yes, the U2 song - it's a pretty good adaptation of Catullus 8) 5. Her Majesty Cry (the story of Orpheus and Euridice) 6. Fire ("Hephaestus's Lament") 7. Black Sails ("Ariadne's Lament") 8. Etc. (one of my songs not about myth, the last verse of which is in Latin) the lyrics to the songs (and some of the recordings) can be found at http://ats.dannrusso.com/cane_conference_2010.html peace, Dann

video fun

hey - just saw this on YouTube...it's me playing the Beatles' "Dear Prudence" and breaking a string at the Eggroll Cafe in Lowell, MA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUoft8a2UOw

celebrate Groundhog's Day

buy "Presents" for your loved ones (or despised ones, whichever works)http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/presents/id310215036 and follow me on Twitter! www.twitter.com/dannrusso

political rant

a comment rather than a rant...a new blog! check it out here -->>

it's not a Terrible Tragedy at all!

Erin Dionne's new book release party is tonight! In celebration, there is a free download here>>>>>>>>(check out the blog for details)


so the site that hosts my website has this new blog feature - and it's a new year's promise to myself to keep up on it. Check it out! (link over here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)


my new favorite quote...it's from my dad..."I don't know how you play like that - it looks like you're going to hurt yourself!"


2010 - the 33rd New Year of my life - it's gonna Get GOOD!!! Happy New Year's Celebrations everyone and keep celebrating all year long. Peace.


Have an excellent Christmas season everyone...get some well-deserved rest at some point...peace to you and all those you love

Thank YOU!!!

Thank you everyone who got up early/stayed up late to listen to the all-Beatles show yesterday...this may be something I have to do again Until then, remember that I play every Sunday Morning at 8am EST - listen here: and for those of you who missed some or all of it, the All-Beatles set list: Tomorrow never knows Helter Skelter Dear Prudence The fool on the hill Back in the USSR Nowhere man I am the walrus Lucy in the sky with diamonds She said, she said I'm so tired Rocky Racoon Cry baby cry Yer blues Hey Jude Norwegian wood For no one Get back Across the universe Oh! darling Octopus's garden Julia I want to hold you hand Sexy Sadie Twist and shout You've got to hide your love away Day tripper Imagine Help! All my loving Something The long and winding road She loves you Happy Xmas (war is over) peace, Dann

listen in!

for those of you who are looking to listen to Dann's all-Beatles show at 8am Sunday the 13th, here is the link: :-P


Donate at Dann's virtual tip jar here:


technical difficulties

many apologies to those of you who were trying to listen in this morning...due to technical difficulties the all-Beatles live from the Lost Continent in SL show will now be on Sunday Dec THIRTEENTH (next week) all the info should be the same - check www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic for updates and listening-in info! peace, Dann

rock and eggroll

some shows are fun. some fun shows are made great by people singing along to Dreaming Without You and having so much fun that I end up playing No Pain on a ukelele. you ROCK Eggroll Cafe Thank you to Davina Yannetty (http://www.myspace.com/dyannetty ) for inviting me to play and for the happy pirates of Ice Cream Social (http://www.myspace.com/icecreamsocialduo ) for leading the background vocals! and...the set list was: Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms Cafe en San Juan Capture My Heart Dreaming Without You Parking Lot Kings Dear Prudence and NO PAIN on a UKELELE after a quick 30 second crash course on where the A and D chords were. :-) peace, Dann

Maybe I'm Amazed

all the songs people seem to want to hear are slower songs! (Listen this Sunday as Dann plays The Beatles - 5am slt/8am EST live from the Lost Continent in SL and Brooklyn, NY in RL; listen here: ) Dann sings nothing but the Beatles this Sunday morning! so far, the set list will include: Back in the USSR Sexy Sadie Dear Prudence Helter Skelter Across the Universe The Fool On The Hill I Want to Hold Your Hand Get Back Oh! Darling Hey Jude For No One Norwegian Wood Yer Blues Cry Baby Cry I Am the Walrus I'm So Tired She Said, She Said Nowhere Man send in your requests - only Three Days Left for me to learn them! - dannrussomusic(at)aol(dot)com; www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic peace out, Dann (Dann Russo in RL, Dann Numbers in SL) www.dannrusso.com www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic

That's what I call good press

THANK YOU HARRIE!!!! Q: You've attended hundreds of live performances in Second Life. Do you remember the first live gig you attended? Are there one or two performances that stand out in your mind as particularly memorable or even infamous? Ooh, I knew you’d ask me that, lol! I don’t know if it was the first gig I went to but the first one I remember was Dann Numbers (aka Dann Russo in RL). I was floored by this guy, how someone in pixel form could have so much stage presence, his music was great and right up my alley too, By the end of the show I was well and truely hooked and 3yrs on I am still one of Dann’s biggest fans and think he is a genuine talent who one day I hope to see play live in RL! He is also one of a handful of SL musicians I tell (or bring) new musicians to go and check out if they want to know how to connect with their audiences as Dann has that one down pat! - Venue Owner Harrie Skjellerup (Owner, Pixel Hill; co-founder, "The Originals") as quoted from http://networkedblogs.com/p19539170 Thank you Thank you!!

all- Beatles show update

Beatles set list (12/6) so far = Helter Skelter, Back in the USSR, Fool on the Hill, Nowhere Man, She Said, I am the Walrus, I'm So Tired, Yer Blues, and more to come! get those requests in!!!


got a huge chunk of Christmas Shopping done today! And don't forget to buy your friends "Presents" http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/presents/id310215036 this Christmas :-) peace and love, Dann

Happy Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! remember those who are far away from the ones they love and those who won't be able to stuff their faces full of food today...peace, Dann

things I am thankful for

As it becomes November and winter in New England, let me list things I am thankful for: 1. F-Nice Productions and DAve Crespo - they keep helping me get shows! Tuesday November 17th 9pm - McGann's Downtown Boston Tuesday December 15th 9pm - McGann's Downtown Boston 2. Drusilla Clapsaddle and the crowd at The Lost Continent - I play every Sunday morning at 8AM est - if you aren't on Second Life, you can still listen in - The time on the schedule says 8AM, but it's usually 8:05 or 8:10 (it's Sunday Morning for crying out loud!) 3. Davina! She has hooked me up on the North Shore Friday December 4th 8pm Eggroll Cafe 4. My family and friends and especially YOU. Thank you for coming to the shows, thank you for listening, thank you for your tips and for buying CDs and mp3s and for writing about me on your blogs and websites. Shoot me an email if you write or read something about me...gotta spread the gospel of rock and soul! Have a peaceful and lovely Thanksgiving if I don't see you. Careful to not have too much triptophane. peace, Dann

new article

Dann has been published at a new website designed for working (or wanting to work) musicians. The article is about the awesomeness of playing Second Life Shows. And the website is pretty good too. Check it out here: http://www.headabovemusic.com/second-life-by-dann-russo-dann-numbers#comments

a blog about blogs

so I promised myself I would write. I promised I would say what was on my mind, be marginally topical and timely, and become a working part of an on-line community. I haven't I mean, I have a whole bunch of ideas - 1. blog about songs: it seems that I am writing a whole lot of songs recently, even some of them at shows. I like them all and wish that I could keep track of all of them. I also am looking for ideas if anyone has them please let me know of words, phrases or even stories to write songs about. 2. blog about baseball: now that my beloved Mets have finally unplugged the ventilator on this season there is a time to reflect, relax and look ahead to what may or may not happen in the winter months and what may happen next year as they are all healthy again and can actually make a run at the Phillies and the postseason 3. blog about college football: these KIDS (and a majority of them ARE kids) are ostensibly not getting paid but are on TV more and are more famous than the minor league baseball players who are getting salaries and not even close to being on TV 4. blog about "It Might Get Loud" the amazing documentary featuring Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page that if I am lucky I may get to see again this weekend... so there is a chance that I will get time in the next week or so to catch up. Consider this the preview, the pre-cliff notes or whatever kids are using these days, the intro chapter. peace, Dann check out the music and the mann: www.dannrusso.com www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic

sept dannness

Ah the beginning of a new school year... means moving away for some, moving home for others, and ROCKING OUT for all y'all! :-P Very exciting to get tickets in the mail with my name on them! (granted, they forgot an N but oh well) McGann's (downtown Boston) on Sept 19th is the show - 9pm is the time - $10 is the price at the door, but $7 if you get them from me. shoot me an email and we'll figure it out. and if you can't come to the show, check out www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic for all the listening info for the on-line concerts. peace, Dann

quick reminder for Saturday Sept 5th

quick reminder - the Keene, NH show (The Art Stage at the Keene Music Festival) has changed the time to 11AM! come out, rock out, buy me lunch after :-P

open letter to Gov. Patrick

Governor Patrick – I was saddened this morning to hear about the passing of my Senator, someone I greatly admire and someone whose record of human and civil rights support has rarely been equaled. On my fridge I have multiple “thank you” letters signed by Senator Kennedy on civil rights legislation – causes that are dear to my heart such as the “thank you for not supporting the Federal Marriage Amendment” letter. I would be proud and honored to continue this great man’s work as a Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Why would you want to choose me? Most of my friends and family shake their head at me when I open my mouth. They all figure, I guess, that at the age of 33 I would have done away with frivolous “liberal” causes and focus on making the lives of my wife and two kids better. I say that it is because I have a wife and two kids that I need to be unselfish and support “liberal” causes – the environment, civil rights for all people, health care, education and equal employment for all. As I am writing this letter I just received an IM from a very conservative friend of mine. “You want to change the world, don’t you?” and yes, I think I do. As a teacher for the past 12 years, I have tried to infuse a sense of justice and morality in my students. I was overjoyed to accept a job two years ago at the Arrupe Division of Boston College High School, connecting back to my Jesuit education at Regis High School in New York City and Fordham University in the Bronx (BA) and Boston College (MEd), or to put it in the words of Roger Stone, Foreign Language Dept. Chair at Austin Preparatory School (where I taught for 8 years), “all that Social Justice/Man For Others? It’s like you’re going home.” And what better place to be a Man For Others than the U.S. Senate. Thank you so much for your time in reading this and your consideration. I guess this is the part where I say that I write and record music (www.dannrusso.com ), speak Spanish pretty fluently and am excellent at PowerPoint and Publisher and that references are available upon request. Peace, Daniel T. Russo

for those of you who asked for Saturday Shows:

Hey y'all! few things going on - 1. shows coming up on Saturdays! Saturday August 15th at 7pm at Channel Cafe in Boston (300 Summer St) which is a really cool restaurant/art gallery in the basement of an old warehouse-turned-in-condo-complex Saturday Sept 5th at 5pm at the Art Stage at the Keene Music Festival in Keene, NH 2. songs songs songs! I have begun writing songs for my yet-to-be-titled CD of songs based on Greek and Roman mythology and history. The idea is to show that these stories are universal and that they should not be confined to the classroom. Not only that, but I'm hoping that someone who has no idea of where the songs came from can say "hey, that's a great song!" So Far I have "Her Majesty Cry" (Orpheus and Euridice); "Fire" (Hephaestus/Vulcan); "Run Run Run" (Apollo and Daphne); "Black Sails to White" (Theseus and Ariadne). If you can think of other ideas, let me know! And if you can think of places to record or any random grants to apply for, cause hey, everything is more fun when its free, let me know about that too. 3. On-Line! don't forget - you can always listen to Dann Live Acoustic Rock and Soul by logging on to Second Life or by clicking on the link in www.twitter.com/dannrusso check www.sonicbids.com/dannrusso for dates and times. and don't forget to let me know if you blog about/read a blog about/ randomly run into someone in the street listening to my songs...Spread the word Spread the Peace and Love! peace, Dann
Dann Russo

my new workout

I think I lost five pounds while playing "Rockstar" at my show this morning... :-) not much else going on just wanted to say whats up and let everyone know I wrote another song for my classics-related album, called "Run Run Run" about Apollo and Daphne. Its pretty good - I'll post the lyrics today and hopefully even get a sound file soon. peace, Dann


"Ruby Red Hair" by "Dann Russo" has hit the homepage of thesixtyone.com! You can visit the new tab at http://www.thesixtyone.com/new/

today! Saturday!

Pickering Wharf, Salem, MA, outside, noonish :-)

my favorite new quote

when talking about my propensity to break strings... "your playing speed of, oh, a hundred and fifty thousand miles an hour might have something to do with that! I'm kind of surprised they break. I'd rather expect they'd melt!" - Silas

shows shows shows!!!

Hey Y'all (I prefer the second person plural as there are a bunch of people to whom I am sending this (hey! I used whoM correctly!)) shows coming up! its very exciting as I can stretch my legs, arms, vocal chords, and everything else I got at a few shows... Tuesday July 21st - 7pm - All Asia Cafe, Cambridge (19+) Saturday July 25th - noon - outside on Pickering Wharf, Salem, MA (all ages) Thursday July 30th - 9pm - McGann's, downtown Boston (21+) and don't forget to dl the songs at http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?id=47115122 peace, Dann


I do very much enjoy the idea of a place to live free from tyranny and oppression. Thank you to all who have strived and continue to strive to make that happen. peace.

you can now become a Dann Fann on FB too!

check it out... http://www.facebook.com/dannrussomusic peace, Dann

DCAP yourself!

DCAP yourself on Friday Night! (thats the day after tomorrow!) Dann (& FRANK!) go on at 8pm http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/event.php?eid=104952977455

cross your fingers

Just got this email: We are currently looking for country songs for the artist Trace Atkins. Songs should not be anything too goofy or alcohol heavy, and should contain lyrical substance, as well as a catchy melody. After using our Search engine and discovering your music, we believe that "Ruby Red Hair" would be a perfect fit for what we are looking for. cross your fingers!

make music cambridge festival

Rain can keep some people away, but not me! The Make Music Cambridge Festival ended up being a lot of fun. I played an extra 20 minutes because the people before and after me on the schedule didn’t show, so I got my fill of songs, and people with umbrellas even stopped to listen! (btw I played It Seems Just Like a Dream (What A Day); Rocket Man; Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms; On The Floor; Dice; Dreaming Without You; Capture My Heart (yes, I broke a string and changed it as I sang acapella); and No Pain). The rain didn’t dampen my spirits at all and I rocked out Brattle Square as best as I could. Thank you to everyone I saw, and thank you to those I didn’t see (I was huddled behind some bushes so I didn’t get soaked) and still liked what they heard. Peace.

new dann song!

Dann is starting off his non-playing week or two with a free song! (ok, its me...hey whats up...I dont know how to set it up for DL yet but you can at least listen to it this way) check it out here: I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen Cover) peace, Dann

dannrussomusic AT aol DOT com

stupid spambots messing up my list...email me at the above address or sign up for the mailing list at http://www.reverbnation.com/dannrusso

Her Majesty Cry

so - I'm thinking of writing a whole album based on Greek and Roman historical events and myths...here is the first one - the ballad of Orpheus and Euridice: Her Majesty Cry © 2008 Dann Russo/Mousse Dog Music Don’t turn back… Listened to every word he said Then I let him get inside my head Told me to trust him when he was dead Don’t turn back We both planned to keep our bargain’s side Crossing over the great divide He treated me like I was surprisingly alive Don’t turn back When I went back to look for you They told me all I had to do was sing a song or two Saw that it was do or die figured that I had to try to make Her Majesty Cry Don’t turn back Couldn’t see the flowers in your hair Couldn’t smell your perfume in the air Didn’t know who to trust that you were even there Don’t turn back Should’ve had faith in the final hour Should’ve had time to learn what I should have known Should’ve had trust cradled like a flower An impatient to call my very own Could almost feel the warmth of spring How I wanted to tell you everything Make the fields and the mountains sing Don’t turn back I turned around and you were gone Thought that I waited far too long I guess once again I was wrong Don’t turn back When I went back to look for you Told me all I had to do was sing a song or two Saw that it was do or die figured that I had to try to make Her Majesty Cry

beautiful day

its just perfect outside...I think I may go to the marathon - I know at least TWO people running :-)

April 16th

there is a black ribbon of remembrance a blue bracelet of friendship and a clear sky of hope for peace in the world today...RIP Ross

RPM Challenge in SL listening party Sunday March 29th

RPM Challenge is to write an album in February - the shortest month! The listening party runs all day on Sunday March 29th at Red Rocks Mesa with Dann starting it off at 9am slt (noon est) for those of you not in SL - listen by plugging this url into your computer: for more Dann info, check out www.dannrusso.com or www.sonicbids.com/dannrusso or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dann-Russo/36658671856 peace, Dann (Numbers in SL, Russo in RL)

its all happening

or at least starting to :-) Paradiso lluvioso is now available for download! http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=309447379&s=143441 peace, Dann Russo www.dannrusso.com

another dann interview...on the radio this time

What's Up Next on Behind The Mike: Singer/Songwriter Dann Russo will join us on the program to feature his music. Dann also has an intersting day job which we will get "educated" about as well. Join us for music, fun and excitement and call in to ask a question or discuss the topics; (866) 417-4359 | (646) 716-8609 listen in - call - become involved! 9pm tuesday (the 24th) night


i'm really happy with how i sounded last night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrHHP94JXy4 :-) peace, Dann

dann interview @ Cornell University on line now

Dann's interview with Metanomics on line now! sponsored by Second Life, Metanomics and Cornell University: http://www.metanomics.net/archive031609

its official

paradiso lluvioso is available for mass consumption! check it out, listen to it, love it, review it, let me know! http://cdbaby.com/cd/dannrusso4

New Music Wednesday

so it occurs to me that I should "officially announce" the new music that I am making, since I have been playing it all weekend at my Second Life shows and the music is now available (the full-band "Presents" EP is available to listen to at http://www.dannrusso.com and will be available from iTunes next week and the solo "Paradiso Lluvioso" demo will be available on iTunes this weekend). I have also started telling the stories of the songs on "paradiso" on my myspace and facebook and I will cross-post them here as well. "Paradiso" is the product of two things - a great story that makes Frank roll his eyes and a challenge that I took up. first, the story: a few years ago, Frank (the guy who is kind enough to play drums with me, and also http://bostonerin.livejournal.com 's husband) and were watching some sporting event, and a beer commercial came on, the guy winning a gameshow trip to "paradiso lluvioso" (which of course means rainy paradise) and he was unhappy cause he didnt know what he was getting into and was miserable the whole time...and for months, if not years, I would go up to Frank and say "It means rainy paradse, Frank!" and he would roll his eyes. So of course, I promised him that I would name my first solo album "paradiso lluvioso" in his honor. Turns out, I got my chance in February 2009. The RPM Challenge takes the shortest month (umm, February) and challenges you to write an album (10 songs or 35 minutes) solely in the month of February. I figured this was the time to put together "paradiso." So I took the phrase that I attempted to torture Frank with and made it the titles of the songs (read the first word of each title carefully) 1. IT Seems Like Just a Dream (What a Day) 2. MEANS Justify the Ends 3. RAIN is the Same 4. E a b 5. PARA Que No Tengas Sed 6. DICE 7. FRANK Advice 8. et cetera. :-)

would you like some ROCK with your coffee?

Dann Russo (Dann Numbers in SL) is going to be rocking the roof off multiple Second Life venues with breakfast shows all weekend! (well, Breakfast in Boston that is)... Dann Russo (Dann Numbers in SL) is setting up for the release of his full-band EP "Presents," slated to be released on Tuesday, March 10th (and maybe even solo full-length CD) with shows in Second Life at 5am SLT (Pacific Time) on Saturday and 4am SLT (Pacific Time) on Sunday. He will be performing songs from all his recordings, as well as songs that have not yet been recorded. Dann Russo is a little alt, a little classic, a smidge country and all rock. He’s a singer-songwriter with radio-ready original songs and a live show so electric, you’ll be amazed it’s just acoustic. A "soon to be phenomenon" (NorthEast In-Tune Magazine), Dann is a lively act that’s hard to follow. For those of you who aren't in the virtual world of Second Life, you can listen here: Saturday, March 7th, 5am SLT (Pacific Time) 7am Central, 8am EST, 1pm GMT Live from the Jester Inn @ Pixel Hill Sunday, March 8th, 4am SLT (Pacific Time) 6am Central, 7am EST, noon GMT Live from The Lost Continent http://slstreaming.de:8504 If you want to get more information on Dann, or figure out which song to request, visit http://www.dannrusso.com If you want to get more information on SecondLife, visit http://www.secondlife.com

what a day to finally figure out the things I thought I knew about

there is an almost perfectly round rock in front of a shrine to Mary Queen of...something...in Positano that has "Megan and Dann" written on it in red pen...just seemed the thing to do on a rainy windblown Thanksgiving afternoon with the chilly Mediterranean crashing over the seawall:-) I almost forgot (well, forgot isnt the right word) about this moment until recently when I was writing a song and it just appeared like out of a cloud - THIS is what love is about - this very moment - and love is like that I think - a series of almost vignettes or pictures like a infini-ptych that gets better and longer...and the fact that it is ALMOST perfectly round makes me smile Little waterfalls on the steps down to the beach What a day what a day You pull away so your tears are just out of reach What a day what a day What a day to finally figure out All the things I thought I knew about What a day what a day The rain it kind of felt real nice As we walked along in paradise What a day what a day Walked along with your lemon smile and pants up to your knees What a day what a day Shivering you told me its not like the movies What a day what a day What a day to finally… And it seems just like a dream The more I think of it the further away it seems It seems oh so far away I promise you we’ll get back there to stay You came upon a rock so perfect and so fine What a day what a day Carved our names onto it a prayer for all time What a day what a day The rain it kind of felt real nice As we walked along in paradise What a day what a day The dogs were eating from your hand The stars the sea the painted sand What a day what a day What a day to finally figure out All the things I thought I knew about What a day what a day

on line video

dann's first machinma video (did I spell that right?) - the March 1st episode of Live-On-Line features a video for "Parking Lot Kings" shot and directed by the talented Steve Cropper from Australia (the show's host!) http://life-on-line.ning.com/ thanks steve!

Book Reading Report #1

so...two big Book Readings to report on :-) 1. Erin Dionne's Book Release party at TCAN in Natick...an amazing space, with an amazing sound system (thank you Dave Massey), rocked out Ruby Red Hair, Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms, and Dreaming Without You with Frank Colagiovanni on drums after Erin read...and the COOLEST thing, a little girl came up to me afterwards and said "You look JUST LIKE Theo Christmas" :-) 2. Annie's Book Stop in Framingham...you couldn't miss the place, with all the LOCAL AUTHOR ERIN DIONNE THIS WAY signs - it was pretty cool...it's always tough to sing in a very intimate place when I'm used to belting, but only one or two people noticed - Erin read 10 or so pages and I sang RRH and Dreaming. The Purveyor, Paul, was super local (everyone who came in talked to him like he was a favorite uncle) and just awesome...I can't thank Paul enough... Erin, likewise, words cannot express my thanks for letting me join you on this adventure.

oops update

due to a schedule conflict, Dann's show at Sweetwater Cafe on Saturday has been transferred to 3/21 peace, Dann

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

well, not really...but I DO promise at least one Elton John song Saturday night at the Sweetwater Cafe in downtown Boston where I am the entertainment from 10 til they throw us out http://www.myspace.com/sweetwatercafeboston come on down and stay for as long (or short) as you want... peace, Dann

tengo miedo...poquito

ok - so I'm a little nervous about this but its SO COOL! Thursday (Feb 26th) and Sunday (March 1st) I will be playing at Erin Dionne's readings of "Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies"...well, Thursday is the book release party at the TCAN arts center in Natick, MA and Sunday is a reading at Annie's Book Stop in Framingham, MA... so make sure you buy the book from Amazon or even better come on down to the reading and buy one, get it signed and rock out! check http://www.erindionne.com for info

get woken up tomorrow by the rooster

tomorrow morning - coffee and crank it up! Dann (Numbers) will be rocking out Jester Inn at 5am slt (8am est, 7am central, I think 1pm gmt) for those of you not in SL - listen to it here: and for those of you in SL - here is the slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Strayling/234/45/54 peace, Dann (Numbers in SL, Russo in RL) http://www.dannrusso.com

this song sounds familiar

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFgLyxQSAHo its the video preview for Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies go Erin! http://www.erindionne.com

this is cool

so - waiting for me on my desk at work this morning was a brand new copy of Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne. You need to get it now. peace, Dann

wow...February starts before it begins

this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen... and I was just reminded that it happens next thursday... Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne (www.erindionne.com ) comes out and MY SONGS are in it... that in and of itself is pretty cool...but then Erin wants me to go around and actually play them at her book signings/presentations. I'm honored and in awe.

stroke of genius...or lightning...or something...

so it just came to me in a flash! well, kind of...I have always wanted to write an album called "Paradiso Lluvioso" and guess what I'm doing in February? well, yeah, that... and WRITING PARADISO LLUVIOSO! (http://www.rpmchallenge.com ) here is the initial track listing (subject to editing for time or content) 1. It Looks Worse Than It Is 2. Means Justify The Ends 3. Rain Is The Same (rewritten) 4. E A B 5. Para Que No Tengas Sed 6. Dice 7. Frank Advice None of the songs will be written until February, although some of them have had a head start ;-) peace, Dann

new Dann video

a video for Parking Lot Kings has been filmed in Second Life! check it out:

new radio station added!

so cool - Dann music added here: Bohemio Radio - Listener Supported Radio for Independent Artists Around the World. Check it out at http://www.bohemioradio.com/index-8.html thanks Bohemio Radio

wish me luck

so I'm gearing up...in the vein of that National Novel Writing Month a phenominally genius person came up with the idea of doing it for music too! here is the info: http://www.rpmchallenge.com/component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/ If you are a musician, check it out and ITS ON! Especially if I tagged you - then we all have to meet in Portsmouth and listen to each others music. :-) 10 songs? 35 minutes? in February? hell yeah. peace, Dann

Erin Dionne book widget

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! So - for some people, me included, New Years is a cool way of looking back and seeing the stuff that happened in 2008 as History - and making sure that some of it gets repeated in a vicious circle of fabulousness but making sure that some things will change forever for good. I for one am taking a mulligan on pretty much everything since Thanksgiving, teeing up the ball a little higher, and getting out the club that I hit the best with. If you didn't catch the golf analogy, I'm pretty much going to rock out 2009 as well as I can. There are many many good things that are happening and that are going to happen and I can't wait. I'm not going to be upset about stuff that is in the past and I can't do anything about, but I am off to the races and I don't lose races. ;-) and if you haven't seen this, its pretty cool: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dann-Russo/36658671856 peace and love for all. Dann


don't forget to put the Christ back in Christian today - wish the greatest violin player of all time Happy Birthday!

christmas is coming the geese are getting fat

please to put a penny in the old man's hat and if you haven't got an old man, how about some struggling musicians? ;-) remember - there is some awesome new music available out there - many can be given as Christmas presents too! Please check out my "top friends"who are musicians at my myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/dannrusso ) and grab some of their music to give and give them some support too! peace, Dann

so we got the tree

it's kind of upsetting when the day you get the tree is dark and rainy and cold...where is the snow? where is the nice winter that comes from the north and brings down Santa and Rudolph and presents and jolliness? or is it jollyness? Maybe that's the reason my new song "Her Majesty Cry" is about Orpheus and Euridice - the greatest love story ever told with the saddest ending ever. You see, Euridice got bit by a snake and died. Orpheus was such a great singer and songwriter that he was able to go down to the underworld and convince Persephone, queen of Hades, to shed a tear and let Euridice go back to the land of the living. He wasn't allowed to see her until he got back to the outside world, and about two steps from making it to the top, he turned around and saw her vanish.


Halloween Ok I hate Halloween...well, hate is a strong word...I don't really HATE Halloween, but I certainly don't enjoy it or look forward to it as much as some people (that I happen to live with) do. I blame Sean Brereton scaring the hell out of me in 1st grade with some kind of mask that I probably still have nightmares about today. But that's not the point. The point is that my costumes ROCK. Ever since the gauntlet has been thrown about 8 years ago to self-make costumes for parties, I have always tried to out-shine anyone there (although there are a few to whom Halloween is an art form akin to Rembrandt or even DaVinci (http://bostonerin.livejournal.com/ ) and I can hardly hold a candle) and have spent a lot of time on my costumes - my Julius Caesar with 27 stab wounds and a sword still in his back, the William Wallace complete with blue face and what the Scots wear under their kilt, the Frodo Baggins...well, that was just fantastic and I was practically made for it...and today I spent two hours creating a fantastic costume - I sewed a brown boa onto my courderoy jacket, more on my sweatbands to put on my knees, created a Temple University t-shirt, am planning ..ing my face, and my hair is perfect for tufts. I seem to put a lot of work into something I only kinda like...but I like the finished product a lot :-)


ok. so everytime I log onto my website (http://www.dannrusso.com ) the first thing I check is the guestbook. Originally, it was to see if anyone who was at my last show, performance, sl show, met me at someone's house and to whom I gave my card logged on and had any comments about my music, my site, the pics, whatever. Recently there have been a lot of posts (by spammers I assume) that include such winners as "asian women free asian women blowjobs sdfiuysw asian" (that was on there today). And of course I delete the post, but it leads me to a few things: 1. I'm often horrified at the date these posts were put up. That means that anyone who has gone to my site in the last few days has seen it. 2. consequently I'm depressed cause no one went to my site cause they would have told me about it :-P so... do I stop allowing comments on my site? do I just keep deleting?


so I played my first college show in a while and learned a few things: 1. MCPHS rocks. Awesome place, awesome people. 2. sitting down at an intimate venue is the way to go - even the rockier songs were cooler and more well-received than if I was trying to emote on two feet. 3. I need to always play Fix You in my set. I tried it as a lark, playing it for the second time ever, and the end of the song EVERYone sang. It was really cool. So, thank you very much MCPHS. And by the way, Casey Sullivan rocks. Check her out: http://www.myspace.com/caseysullivanmusic she is going to be way famous.

reading makes me cranky (WHAT? an actual MUSIC blog??!!)

so I read this article about this guy who posted some songs online and has been able to become famous. Not FAMOUS famous but famous enough to pay his bills, play lots of shows, and travel. Basically exactly what I want to do. I'm not jealous at all...ok, maybe I am a little...but he's GOOD http://www.jonathancoulton.com/ and plays all his own stuf, which makes it that much cooler. That being said, I am planning on completely ripping off his "once a week" video posting and starting to post songs on my youtube account (with all appropriate links, of course) this week. Do YOU, dear viewer, have any suggestions as to 1. what songs to start with 2. any covers to sneak in or 3. how to make this viral? :-) peace, Dann

ok...cool interview...even if its old-ish :-P


politics suck

Not in theory, but in practice. I have found over the past two weeks or so I have been vehemently frothing at the mouth defending someone who I didnt even vote for four months ago to people whose minds I'm not going to change anyway. This has proved not only fruitless but frustrating and does nothing but encourage bad feelings between people, which I really don't like. That having been understood, I shall watch the coming two months for amusement and will not discuss any one politician's views on anything until after November 5th. If anyone would like my opinion on a specifc issue, I would be more than happy to give it. You know that old adage where you're not supposed to discuss religion or politics over the dinner table? I'm finding some validity to that. If I happen to forget, I ask those of you whom I talk to regularly to please remind me that I said this, and that I am of course willing to give MY opinion on certain topics that I might even agree with both sides on, but I will quietly vote for who I want to vote for without getting into fights about it. However, I will be more than happy to discuss religion :-) Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called Children of God.

set list for NYC 8/8/08

thank you all for coming out on Friday night - the crowd was awesome and the National Underground is a place I cant wait to play again...the set list for you: 1. She Asks 2. Dreaming Without You 3. Ruby Red Hair 4. Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms 5. No Pain 6. Year 7. Believe 8. Café en San Juan 9. Good Morning, Chelsea 10. How Do You Spell l.o.v.e.?

BC Reading

ok so yesterday I admittedly was a little vervous at the St Columbkille camp at Boston College at Erin Dionne's first reading for "Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies." We sat in a classroom in front of about 20 6th graders who paid rapt (for the most part) attention to Erin reading the first 12 pages of the book. We introduced ourselves, Erin read, and then I played. I explained the two songs from the book, Ruby Red Hair, which I had written a few years ago, and Dreaming Without You, which I wrote specifically to be a Theo Christmas song, the character I play in the book. After that we took questions and I was...surprised is the wrong word...I was pleasantly pleased by not only the amount of questions, but the quality of the questions too... Erin got a whole lot of questions about the book - how you write a book, what it was about, about the characters in the book, who came up with the title, who made the cover, about the main character Celeste, and then I got a whole bunch of questions too - how you write a song, how long have I been playing, do I have a band, do I have a CD, do I know any famous guitar players or singers, what is my favorite Pearl Jam song, and of course I did my best to re-direct most of the questions back to Erin's book and site (www.erindionne.com or her blog http://bostonerin.livejournal.com/) , but I must admit it tickled me a little that they were so interested in my music. and I got an encore! One of the kids asked me what the first song I ever wrote was, and so I told them Believe (which is almost 100% accurate although I'm not completely sure) and they asked me to play it so thats how we ended the presentation. I think I need to write more Theo Christmas songs :-) now I can't wait for the next reading

First Reading/Singing

It's not often that you get to go to the singing of a book...tomorrow Dann will be performing songs he wrote from the upcoming Penguin/Putnam release of "Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies" by Erin Dionne. You can check out the book's website here: http://www.erindionne.com/models_home.html The reading takes place tomorrow (the 7th) at 2pm at Boston College - should be fun!


I take back anything bad I have ever said about Paris Hilton...this is genius http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/64ad536a6d

Dann added to local radio playlist

check it out! http://www.mvyradio.com/local_musicafe/

Happy Birthday Frank!

rocking the drums for ..... years

Update 7/25

Hey y'all...wanted to let you in on a few things 1. tomorrow's show at the 169 Bar in NYC needs to be rescheduled, so if you want to see Dann this weekend, come to the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA on Monday night (ok, not REALLY the weekend, but...) I hit the stage around 11pm www.lizardloungeclub.com for info and directions 2. Dreaming Without You is currently ranked 138th in the 92.9 citystage contest at Ourstage.com BUT Ruby Red Hair is 12th in the Alt-Country voting...log on and vote! thank you I need the support http://www.ourstage.com/judge?channel=67-americana 3. */*...wait I mean 8/8 at 8pm I will be rocking out at The Knitting Factory in NYC - come on down, bring your friends, this might be a benefit show so the money goes to (another) good cause not just my gas tank - details to follow... as always, peace, Dann www.dannrusso.com www.sonicbids.com/dannrusso www.myspace.com/dannrusso http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dann-Russo/36658671856

how did I know it was a full moon?

how do I know it was a full moon on Wednesday and Thursday? 1. all 4 of the most nearby Shaw's grocery stores have "coinstar" machines - where you put in your change and get money back...I travelled to all of them with a big water bottle full of coins in tow and all four were out of order 2. So, we go home and find that SecondLife has deposited money in my PayPal account - whoo hooo 3. going to my show on Wednesday night at 7 PM in Cambridge, MA, (which is never less than 30 minutes door-to-door) I'm sitting in the kitchen waiting watching La Patoot feed pizza to her toy lion and tiger until 6:47 (no one's fault - just traffic) 4. sprint out the door, guitar in hand, get to show 23 minutes later. 5. find spot directly in front of the bar 6. rush in in a flurry of activity to find three bartenders playing pool and the sound guy trying to make shots. Emphasis on the trying. NEVER drink an "Alice in Wonderland" (which he consequently tried to give to everyone at the bar) they are terrible. 7. find out that my 7 pm show actually has no one there 8. find out that the panel of songwriters who I was supposed to host in a storytellers-type of thing is not 4 people, but 1. Me. 9. my 7 pm show is now an 8 pm show 10. go on at 8, start to plug things in, play Fortunes Forecasts and Lucky Charms from about the halfway point (the loudest part for soundcheck) 11. have the sound guy say "keep going!" and walk away from the stage 12. have a Tiger beer delivered to the stage 13. keep playing the second half of Fortunes, throwing off my chi even more, flail through 10 more songs 14. break string 15. realize there are no strings in my bag 16. retune and keep playing 17. see bagpipers walk in 18. mercifully end my set with 5 strings and humidified Q-tip of hair style 19. walk of stage put stuff away 20. prepare to leave 21. listen to bagpipers 22. bagpipers rule 23. have sound guy make sure I book at least two more shows with him before he lets me go 24. find out beer was free 25. call home cause I was later than I said I was going to be and am responded to by a request for beer 26. find 4 messages on my cell phone from my sister that sound like Bon Jovi live 27. see texts that they actually ARE Bon Jovi live 28. man in moon looks like he is smoking something...

oodelaly oodelaly golly what a day

so last night at the Lizard Lounge's open mic I had a series of accomplishments and really cool things happen... first, a bunch of my friends from work showed up to help celebrate my birthday - and anytime four attractive women are at a show just to see you its a win/win situation. secondly, I was telling the story of my song "Fortunes, Forecasts and Lucky Charms" and I got a majority of the bar to join me in singing "robin hood and little john were running through the forest laughing back and forth at what the other'n had to say...etc" it ruled. thirdly - I got called back up! The way this open mic works is that at the end of the night, 3 performers get called back up to play a third song and the prize is the door...now there were a lot of people there and the door would have been really nice. I mean, I didnt go there with any intention of winning, but I was psyched that I was called back up...and I was able to tell the whole "Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies" story and how Theo Christmas plays this song called "Dreaming Without You..." So the third time I have played the open mic I get to play a third song...maybe the fourth time I'll go all the way :-)

The book is live

ok - totally cool story. My friend Erin wrote this book. "Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies" and Penguin/Putnam thought it was good enough to publish. Cool for her! She then asks me if it's ok if one of her characters (a rock star) sings one of my songs...and could I write another for the book. After some gentle arm twisting (ok, none) I agree and then they want me to record the songs and have them on her site too. Cool for me! Consequently, the two songs are Ruby Red Hair and Dreaming Without You - they are done and up on http://www.dannrusso.com and http://www.erindionne.com and a couple various other ones...

you never intentionally walk the bases loaded

except for maybe during interleague play if you're at a NL ballpark in the top of the inning and the pitcher is on deck. then, you might think about it. stupid mets. more on this later :-P

When is a Bo Diddley CD not a Bo Diddley CD?

So tonight I went to an open mic night. As a rule, open mic nights are situations that can hopefully benefit performers, but if there isnt a good crowd/vibe/scene can just lead to the musical masturbation of playing with oneself in front of 7 random people and then going home after you are done. The crowd/vibe/scene at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA is awesome. Fantastic in every sense of the word. My eyes were opened a month ago by Grace "cylindrian" Buford http://www.myspace.com/gracefolk to the wonders of the open mic at Lizard Lounge. Anyone who is a musician needs to run over there. Not only is the room awesome and the mics great and the crowd receptive and responsive but it is creative. It feels like a real room of musicians. Everyone there are amazing singers and songwriters - its a constant situation of getting your mind blown - and it ranges from 22-yr old street musicians to a guy who sang a "love song to someone I lost touch with" 35 years ago. there are stories upon stories and the entertainment and talent are measureless. OH Bo Diddley. So, it seems that Mr Diddley shuffled off his mortal coil earlier today, and as a prize (they have 4 prizes - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and other) there was a Bo Diddley CD. Now, usually when it comes time to announce the winners of something like this I merely find the bottom of my guinness and sometimes get another. However, they called my name as the "performer who rocked the most and the best." I guess its ok that I didnt win world reknown at the Lizard Lounge tonight or that I didnt win my share of the door. In fact, I'm really psyched that I walked home after playing "She Asks" and "Good Morning, Chelsea" to a pretty packed house who seemed to really like it, to hear some amazing (and I mean AMAZING) music, drink some Guinness and go home with a Bo Diddley CD. I think tonight, no matter what had happened earlier in the day, I won. OH, and I'm going back on the 16th to celebrate my BD if anyone wants to come - Mass Ave in Cambridge :-P

Thank You Gracie

THANK YOU GRACIE So Grace Buford (Cylindrian Rutabaga in SL) dragged me out of the house when she visited from Atlanta and made me come with her to an open mic night in Cambridge...it was awesome...they loved me, invited me back, and Gracie even made me these videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6R_w1_15Xk peace, Dann

studio - one song done

Hey y'all - we've finally finished a song! Dann and Frank locked themselves in a studio on Saturday to start and finish recording "Dreaming Without You" which is going to be available soon on http://myspace.com/dannrusso and http://www.dannrusso.com Pics are up in the photos section of the website too! peace, Dann

new music

New Song Posted! yep yep... FINALLY a great live version of "How Do You Spell l.o.v.e?" (which I think is actually better than the version you can buy on iTunes) is now posted on http://www.myspace.com/dannrusso http://www.dannrusso.com and http://www.sonicbids.com/dannrusso Download! Listen! Enjoy! (Let me know what you think) peace out Colorado, Dann

April 7th fight card set

thats right... Jordohn Bileau (www.jordohnbileau.com) Tim Mann (www.timmannmusic.com) Dann Russo (www.dannrusso.com) Monday night April 7th music starts at 8PM TT The Bear's Place Cambridge MA www.ttthebears.com for info. peace, Dann

has it really been 10 days since I lost my phone?

So - Cape May was both awesome and frustrating (and, oh, yeah, 10 days ago). I met some "industry people" who were very helpful, supportive, and otherwise really self-affirming. One of the songwriters who listened to my song "How Do You Spell l.o.v.e.?" asked me how much I liked The Who. I was a little confused, said a lot, and consequently was listening to the beginning of the rockopera Tommy the other day and I totally could have written that. Even the little triplets that Pete Townsend rocks on the acoustic guitar? I do that! At the hotel bar, met Berg (www.myspace.com/berg ), Dave (www.myspace.com/davetamkin ), Steve (who I’m sure has a myspace but I dont know it) and Ryan (www.myspace.com/ryanmillermusicspace ). Hung out with them for a while - they are pretty good...no they arent they are AWESOME guys. We were drinking, talking shop, trading CDs, and at some point realized we needed dinner. at a lobster place. THEN we decided we were rock stars. We stopped at the bar for drinks, hung out with the bartender, we talked a lot to the hostess (sorry if we embarrassed you Brooke), the waitresses, the people at other tables around us, ordered more drinks, more apps, more lobsters (which of course the boys from Chicago were amazed at East Coast lobsters - I promised them more when they got to Boston), more drinks and had an all-around awesome dinner. That pretty much was the best part of the whole trip. I do hope that at some point I will get to hang out for an extended period of time with those guys. My show went -eh-ok- I was playing at a place that might have been a body double for Bertucci’s and I was tucked in a corner next to the pizza oven. I guess the sound was ok and out of the 100 or so people there I’m pretty sure about 4 were paying attention. Old Man Cactus (www.myspace.com/oldmancactus ) was on ahead of me, and they were pretty good but I kept calling them "those Cactus boys" for I thought it was witty...either way they were some pretty amazing musicians (piano and sax) who jammed with me on "Year" and "Fantasy" and both sounded awesome. The rest of my set was merely decent and I was getting somewhat shy talking to people afterwards, and I didnt want to drink too much cause I had to drive back to the hotel...so I left. Quickly. Unfortunately my quickness was noticed by the Cape May police. SO I got a speeding ticket, which I deserved, a run-down of all the sobriety tests there are (yes, I counted backwards from 77 to 62 and recited (not sang) the alphabet and walked nine steps forwards and backwards toe-to-heel and passed them all with seemingly flying colors) which I think I didnt deserve, got back to my hotel and was just annoyed, went to bed, and woke up later than I wanted to to head back to Boston. Which, of course, put me later getting home, so I rushed around and could not for the life of me find my phone. So - it was positive until about 10PM...and then after that was ok...and then went bad...and then the drive home wasnt too bad - it was sunny. But you know, I’m very lucky. In general, in life, in my friends, in that I can play music...there was a car that put it all in perspective for me. A station wagon with PA plates and I were passing each other pretty much all the way through NJ and CT packed like a kid was moving into his dorm and it had a bald 12-or-so-year-old in the passenger seat with a "cancer sucks" bumper sticker on the back of the car. Damn lucky. only ok shows? not that bad. speeding tickets? not that bad. Good friends? Good food? Good times? Life in general? lucky AND good. peace, Dann

Cape May in March

after a mildly successful venture to Cape May NJ (speeding ticket is besides the point) Dann is back in Boston Rock City - Check him out in April at ALL ASIA CAFE or TT THE BEARS or every night on Second Life

Believe by Dann Numbers

exciting announcement

exciting announcement as many of you know, I've been a middle school & high school teacher for the past 9 years, and I'm very excited to announce that I was able to set up an all-ages show at the All Asia Cafe in Cambridge which will feature (me and) two of my former students who are awesome musicians and singer/songwriters - http://www.myspace.com/caseysullivanmusic and http://www.myspace.com/johncuoco . The show is $5, free for kids under 10 and is Sunday March 2nd and it being an all-ages show, its in the afternoon! Show starts at 1 PM, and will end around 4PM. check out http://www.allasiabar.com for directions and info.

A Real RockStar Podcast

So...Wednesday night Dann was interviewed by the fantastic DJ Nomad for a UK podcast...here is the link for the interview, including plays of Believe, Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms, and Year. http://themusicjunkie.btpodshow.com/ peace, Dann

I'm in love ONCE Again

Don't worry Penelope, it's not THAT serious, but I'm pretty sure that I LOVE not only the movie Once but its star Marketa Irglova. First of all, she's "Gaaaaarjus," has a great voice, and writes some pretty fantastic songs. Secondly, she's Czech. And if you have never heard Czech being spoken by a pretty girl, you haven't lived. It is the loveliest sounding most breathtaking language in the world. It's not just Romantic, it IS romance, it belongs somewhere in a museum... And also, the movie is one of the most touching, beautiful movies of all time. It's more than obvious that the "Guy" and the "Girl" are friends off-screen, but it makes their relationship that much more real. There is a moment just after they have met that just makes this movie and completely took my breath away... the two of them sitting at a piano after the "Girl" has convinced the "Guy" to play one of his songs. There is a look that he give her when she starts to harmonize that can only be shared between two people who know and love music and like each other. It's brilliant. Get it now. iTunes, On-Demand...whatever...NOW... BUT...if you don't get it right this second its ok cause I am playing a show this afternoon in Second Life and will be world-premiering my newest song "How Do You Spell L.O.V.E" at about 2:30 slt (pacific time)/5:30 est and if you happen to have your computer on at that moment you can listen to it here: I think... peace, Dann

another Dann site?

yes! and this one is pretty cool - check out Dann and all the other amazing musicians here: http://www.thesixtyone.com/dannrusso/

Dann's OnLine shows

Dann is now ON LINE...well, he has been for a while but just figured out how to let you all in on it... if you check out http://www.sonicbids.com/dannrusso under the "info" section of each show is the url to listen - for instance, the url for this evening's show, at 7pm SLT (Pacific Time) / 10pm EST is Simply plug in the url and hit play and enjoy! Feel free to email Dann requests and comments at dannrussomusic@aol.com peace, Dann

good news for New Jersey in March

Congratulations from Cape May, New Jersey! Your act has been Selected to showcase and participate in the Cape May Singer Songwriter. The event takes place March 6-8, 2008 at the historic Congress Hall and 12 Cape May live entertainment venues. I'll keep you updated (http://www.sscapemay.com for info)

Dann interviewed for Podcast

Yesterday, Dann was interviewed for the 2nd ever BC High Podcast! you can download the podcast to iTunes starting Monday at: http://mail.bchigh.edu/~PodcastingII/FOV1-00016785/ and click on episode II. Go Eagles!

My favorite Christmas Story Ever

well, it has nothing really to do with Christmas but it happened at the Caroling Party, so it does a little I guess... The Caroling Party? You've never heard of the Caroling Party? My parents got engaged on Dec 23rd, 1969. Ever since, at 6 PM every December 23rd they have a party. People get all trussed up and go out in the snow, rain, heat, monsoon, whatever, and carol for at least 20 minutes (this time in the monsoon) and sometimes as long as two hours, going around to unsuspecting houses, ringing doorbells and saying "we don't want donations, give it to the Church" and generally making people smile. Afterwards, there is an insane party at my parent's little unattached Brooklyn row house, maxing out about four years ago at 200 people...it has been known to spawn both relationships for life and social anxiety disorders, and has at times ended at 2AM with people holding each other up around the piano. (By the way, invitiations are never sent out, so consider yourself invited) Needless to say, there have been many favorite happenings and stories from this party, but my new favorite happened oh only two days ago. It would seem that my brother's friend from college is getting to be kind of a big deal. Her music has been on 95.5 WPLJ (the 2nd biggest NYC radio station) pretty much in regular once-an-hour rotation, she has had three songs on Gray's Anatomy (one - Breathe - they actually requested she write specifically for the show) and her video is on VH1 now I'm told (you can check out http://www.myspace.com/ingridmichaelson ) and I overhear a random person friend of a friend of one of my sisters running out to the deck on the phone frantically calling his sister "Ingrid Michaelson is here...I don't know...the Russos know her somehow" I of course, walking by on my way to get more ice, insisted on interrupting "Andrew, you know she has been here for the last ten years, right?" he was in shock. Only part of the story that's better than that is the "oh my God I really love your music" star-struck moment as people are trying to squeeze by the aforementioned Andrew and a tickled Ingrid because they were standing in front of the wine... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

ah the cold

thank you all who braved the cold inside and out and the falling ceiling to rock out at TT's last night... I had fun, hopefully you did too, and can convince everyone else to join you next time! peace, Dann


ok - so Frank is often questioning whether it is Virtual Dann or Real Dann at parties - so here - check out VD (oh wait, that sounds terrible) in a full half-hour concert! (filmed last night, 12/6/07 http://slcn.tv/node/849

Artist of the Month!

Dann has been named co-Artist of the Month (with the fantastic Jeff Krantz) on Fuze.fm! check out the link: http://fuze.fm/PHP-Nuke/index.php

December Caffeine Injection

Dann started off December rocking the stage and roasting the beans at Gizzi's Coffeehouse in NYC on Saturday Dec 1st. Right before he jumped on stage was the very cool, very talented (and very cute) Jennifer Richman (check out http://www.jenniferrichman.com or http://www.myspace.com/jenniferrichman ) The songs you would have missed if you weren't there are: I Can't Imagine; Give It To Me Straight; She Asks; Good Morning, Chelsea; Don't Drink The Water (DMB cover); Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms; Come Undone (Duran Duran cover); Plain Jane; RockStar; Year; Dreaming Without You... peace out y'all

New Blog on Dann

http://acousticpie.wordpress.com/2007/08/31/the-singersongwriters-of-second-life/#comment-9 check out what the inter-webs are saying about Dann!


is a pretty sweet place and you all should come down to hang on every thursday in october...provided you are 21 of course here, in no particular order, are the songs you would have heard last night: Believe, RockStar, Fortunes, Forecasts and Lucky Charms, Nov 8th, Someday, No Pain, Ruby Red Hair, Domestic, She Asks, Fantasy, Year, Footsteps, Changes, Bittersweet Love, Again, Plain Jane, Gone, Memphis Ferry, Garden (Pearl Jam) Stay (U2) Give It To Me Straight, Memphis Ferry, and the real life debut of the song St Christopher Medal. oh, and don't be afraid to offer Dann one of them black beers next time you see him. and Jeff Conley rocks.

Go Digital Printing Rules

So I came home the other day to find three boxes on my doorstep - full of business cards, pamphlets and CD inserts. a HUGE thank you to all the designers and especially to Chris at http://www.godigitalprinting.com

Rock and or Roll

Ok I know for some of you this might seem weird, but Saturday's (7/7/07) show streaming into the Bay Vista Mall from my basement might have been one of the top five shows I have ever played in, including Antonio's Crush at The Elbow Room in 1997, Dann Russo & The Whisky @ The Middle East downstairs St Patrick's Day 2005, Dann Russo & The Whisky (featuring Zak Ward) @ The Paradise 2004 and one of those fantastic Brother Rabbitt shows at that place near Fenway....Copperfields - around 2001. What might seem weird is that it was streaming into Second Life. People were totally digging every song, I was totally into every song, people were singing along, I felt good, I even rocked out Good Morning, Chelsea... anyway, just wanted to share that OH...and our efforts paid off - congratulations to Chichen Itza for being named on of the 7 Wonders of the World

baggott inn thanks & set list

thank you to everyone who came out to see John Christan and Dann play at the Baggott Inn on Sunday night as step one of the NYC comeback - more to follow :-) for those of you who were asking, the set list: Year; Plain Jane; Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms; Believe; She Asks; MLK (the U2 song); No Pain; Rockstar; Ruby Red Hair

Second Life Shows

the second life show schedule from now on will be posted on http://www.sonicbids.com/dannrusso thanks!

chichen itza rocked

for those of you not on second life, you missed an amazing two hour show last night to open the chichen itza sim (muchas gracias al oficina de turismo de Mexico) including shakira and enrique iglesias covers as well as two brand new Dann songs in Spanish. que bueno tiempo!

New songs!

The recording continues...up now on the site are "Believe," "Someday," "Gone," and "Plain Jane" check it out! All are available for download from www.myspace.com/dannrusso

Live Recordings...kinda

so - a very nice and generous fan just gave me 40 recordings of various Dann Russo songs and covers from the last week of shows in Second Life...the shows are real, the energy is real, the music is real...they will be appearing on this site in the near future - please check out PLAIN JANE as the first "release" in the music section...peace

back in the saddle again

so...it seems like its been years since getting on a RL stage in front of a microphone, and last night Frank and I played a great two hour set at the Sweetwater Cafe. We played a whole bunch of originals and only a few covers, and I wanted to thank everyone who came out and enjoyed it, everyone at The Sweetwater, especially Jeff Conley, and Second Life for keeping my performing in practice :-P

Opening At TT's Tonight

If you took the essence of Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, My Chemical Romance and Queen and mixed it all together, there is no way you could get a band better than The Fens. I am going to be honored to tell my grandchildren I once opened for The Fens. Unreal. Thank you guys (and gal) check out http://www.myspace.com/thefensmusic

Press Release for SL Show

Dean Koontz is coming to SL on March 15th! When: March 15th, 2007 at 6pm SLT Location: Bantam Dell Book Shop on Sheep Island. Laguna Beach Club is proud to serve as a listening venue for this event. LIVE music will start at 5 with Gavin Klees and the incomparable DANN NUMBERS will bring the event home at the conclusion of the reading. This reading by Dean Koontz kicks off the premiere of "Authors-In-Second-Life". Mr. Koontz will read from his upcoming hardcover, "The Good Guy", followed by a Q&A. To join the Q&A, residents need to join the group "The Bantam Dell Book Cafe". It's open join so you just need to type in "The Bantam" with no quotes in group search and it should come up. http://secure-web5.secondlife.com/events/event.php?id=500361&date=1174006800

dont stab me in the back

Dann is all nervously anticipating the TT The Bear's show - Maybe it's just cause today is the Ides of March It's Wednesday the 21st @ 9PM ($8) - and it's 18+! check out the site for directions: http://www.ttthebears.com


OK...so it's almost February. Dann has just found a very nice person with recording equipment, and "Paradiso Lluvioso" is in the works - the first full-length Dann Russo album ever!

Second Life, anyone?

So... Dann has gotten shows without leaving the basement. He has set up an account on the virtual reality Second Life (http://www.secondlife.com - tell them Dann Numbers sent you) and has started playing shows! Check him out at Laguna Beach Club, Laguna, every Thursday at 10PM Eastern Standard Time (7PM game time) starting Oct. 26th and at Old Salt's Pub, Kokomo, Every Sunday at 7PM Eastern Standard Time (4PM game time) starting Nov 4th; and various other shows during the week.

Carlos, you broke my heart

Next year will only get better... Let's Go Mets!

the reign of terror is over!

The Mets have just clenched the National League East! hot dogs, green grass, all at shea lets go mets all the way!!!

The Best Thing Ever

She's Here! Liliana Maeve

forza azzurri!

anyone see the world cup? you should have!!!!

The Matts Maven and Germak

what an honor it was for Dann and Frank to share the stage with two amazing musicians and bandleaders Matt Maven and Matt Germak at Harpers Ferry last night. special thanks to Matt Germak for adding his piano to "Year"

rockin the city

awesome 2-show monday at Kenny's Castaways and The Baggott Inn...thanks to everyone for their support and for rockin out with Dann, John & Christian

WBOS loves us!

but they don't know it yet... however, they do love MATT GERMAK BAND (www.mattgermak.com) ...Matt's music is being highlighted this Sunday night on WBOS and on Wednesday night at Harper's Ferry, guess who's opening for him? that's right: Dann Russo. The show is 21+ at Harper's Ferry. Wednesday, June 28th SPECIAL BONUS: This show is being co-sponsored by THE JIMMY FUND! come out and vote...er...support Dann Matt and the whole Jimmy Fund family...

thank you for your support

although we didn't win, last night was fun and we wanted to thank everyone who came out and voted for us at Emergenza...and remember, we like your votes at all the shows, even if they're not counted by a guy with a clicker!

less than a week!

there is less than a week to get your tix for the celebration! email dann or check out ticketmaster.com or just show up at The Paradise Rock Club on Sunday the 11th at 8:30.

love you mom

just wanted to give a quick shout out to all moms and soon to be moms (especially a certain one due in August) much love!

whisky is fun

so I was interviewed for an on-line magazine... "this ‘whisky’ is a very good one, authentic and natural (that is to say acoustic), powerful (that is to say full of passion and energy) and also complex (catchy yet intelligent, folksy yet modern, melodic yet profound…) That was more than enough to make us decide to interview the talented singer – songwriter…" check out the rest of the interview at http://www.whiskyfun.com

one month

the month-long celebration of Dann's 30th BD begins in a month! festivities include shows in Boston and NY - tickets are now on sale for the Paradise, Boston show at http://www.ticketmaster.com and by emailing Dann to sidestep the silly ticket fees

how sweet it was

thank you sweetwater and thank you fans, especially the talented Matt Germak - check him out at www.mattgermak.com without further ado, the set list from last night, featuring many originals, both new and old, and the bartender's favorite Pearl Jam song: Ruby Red Hair; Albert Schweitzer; Rock Star; She Asks; No Pain; Nov. 8th (the only one); Dear Prudence (The Beatles); Good Morning, Chelsea; Cafe en San Juan; Year; I Feel; One Way Trip (with Eric from Crashwagon on sax); *break* Bittersweet Love; Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms; Believe; Black (PJ); Footsteps; Run Out of Reach; Domestic; Waiting For The Dawn; Plain Jane; Black (yes, again - it was requested); Memphis Ferry; Breath

peacedriven honorable mention

GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! Confirmation has just been received that "No Pain" has been given an Honorable Mention by the Peacedriven Songwriting Awards.

set list from playhouse lounge last night

hey everyone - last night was a great and fun show - thanks to the BU hockey team for coming out here's what they heard (in close to exact order) Rockstar; Ruby Red Hair; Waiting For The Dawn; Cafe En San Juan; I Feel; Year; Good Morning, Chelsea; Kelly; Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms; Believe; Memphis Ferry; Bittersweet Love; No Pain

no whisky in texas

so - in case you were wondering - there is no Dann solo show in Texas...although there is a chance you might see the guitar and hear Ruby Red Hair at some point this weekend ;-)

Kennedy's Midtown

The set list from Kennedy's Midtown last night (3/29/06): Rock Star; Ruby Red Hair; No Pain; Believe (the gospellized piano version); Year

cancellization of Sweetwater show

due to a family emergency, the show @ Sweetwater tonight has been cancelled. everything is fine, however a visit to the emergency room was necessary but unnecessarily long. peace

st patty's day & emergenza update

so - we came in 5th at the St Patty's Day show at The Middle East downstairs. Which means that we won the wild card spot for the next round of the Emergenza competition! thanks to everyone who supported us and remember to bring two more people next time peace

emergenza set list

the set list from the emergenza festival 3/17/06 - Nov. 8th (the only one) - Ruby Red Hair - Fantasy - Fortunes, Forecasts & Lucky Charms - Christian violin solo - No Pain

the pics are uploaded

Dann Russo & The Whisky now have new pics up at both http://www.dannrusso.com and http://www.myspace.com/dannrusso . thanks to ashleigh stanczak for the photography peace

album gets started

**Breaking News** Dann Russo has just come back from the studio putting down the first tracks to "Ruby Red Hair" - the first single from the upcoming album "Fortunes Forecasts & Lucky Charms" due out early August. (Well, actually I went in about three weeks ago but I'm going back in soon.)

The Greatest Email Ever

so... I just finished reading this book - "Everything I'm Cracked Up To Be" by Jen Trynin (who you might remember from the hit song "Better Than Nothing"). It's fantastic. Amazing. And so I email her on a whim and thank her for writing the book and I asked "should I take notes or should I run like someone's put a gun to my head?" she responds (which in and of itself is a pretty cool thing) "Gun. Definitely Gun." Thanks again, Jen. You rock.


Dann Russo will be performing solo tonight at the Playhouse Lounge in Boston - the Playhouse Lounge is located downtown under the Charles Playhouse - the home of Blue Man Group

Super-secret show

In case you were wondering, that WAS Dann at the All Asia Sunday night in track pants and t-shirt. He was asked to be a last-minute replacement at Christie Leigh's Sunday Showcase. Thanks Christie - for the show and for using your guitar!

a soon to be phenomenon

according to NorthEast In-Tune Magazine, DR&TW are...a funky combination, a great pleasure listening to. The variety of songs that have been created by this band and soon to be phenomenon will always stand out from the rest. we're a soon to be phenomenon! Thanks, NorthEast In-Tune!

Merry, Happy, Joyful

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Blessed Ramadan, Joyful Kwaanzaa to any and all...look for the first DR&TW Christmas Song "7AM 12/25" coming out soon!

Dates Announced For Emergenza

The date for the next round of the Emergenza Round for Dann Russo and the Whisky...come spend St. Paddy's Day 2006 with your favorite b(r)and of Whisky! 3/17/06 - 10PM - Middle East Downstairs - 18+

Rock and Roll Last Night

Thank you thank you to everyone who came out and supported us at the Emergenza Festival last night - we made it to the next round! be sure to check back at the site for updates on the next dates... peace

Ticketmaster Tickets

Yes - this is true. The tickets for the next Dann Russo & The Whisky show in the Boston area (December 8th, 11PM, The Middle East Upstairs, Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA, 18+) are available at Ticketmaster. This is a FULL BAND show - with everyone there. We hope there is enough room on the stage... Some of you might remember last year and our shows at The Middle East and The Paradise - this is the same battle of the bands, in which, thanks to you lovely people and your votes, we made it to the semifinals. This time we're trying to take it all the way... Dann and Frank have a select number of tickets (as in, the few they gave us) available for only $10, which is a lot less than whatever fees and such Ticketmaster will make you pay...although it is pretty cool to buy tickets for the show on Ticketmaster... peace DR&TW

KNOW Relief Press Release

KNOWrelief presented by local art and music collective KNOWmovement A benefit for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. All proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity’s Operation Home Delivery Harper’s Ferry 158 Brighton Ave, Allston November 13, doors 6:30 21+, tickets $10donations welcome. Join the members of the KNOW movement for a Sunday evening charity event, KNOWrelief, a benefit for Operation Home Delivery, Habitat for Humanity's "three phase response to help provide assistance and rebuilding opportunities in New Orleans and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina." KNOWrelief will feature 12 local rock bands: The Pilot Light, International Pen Pal, Distinguished Members, Half Nelsons, Scuba, Ara Vora, Jill/Jennifer Sound, Das Happening, Ryan Lee Crosby, Static of the Gods, Ellipsis, and Dann Russo. All of the bands represent distinct musical styles - on November 13th they will combine their talents in the name of humanity. Hundreds of dollars of prizes will be raffled off (tickets only $1!), including gift certificates to cool local restaurants such as Tonic, White Horse Tavern, pool hall Big City, Mr. Dooley's Boston Tavern, and Deluxe Town Diner (amazing pancakes!). Also included in the raffle will be an Ipod Shuffle from Iris Electronics and $100 worth of recording studio time. KNOWmovement is a group of people who like to play music together for free concerts (one was held recently at PA's lounge in Union Square, Somerville) , work on projects together and support each other by helping to promote other members' shows and projects.

Big Ups to Worcester

on the first Dann Russo foray into Worm-town, it was rainy and cold outside but inside the Java Hut it couldn't have been warmer. special thanks to Christine and Dennis and can't forget Cowboy Matt for making a dreary night outside into a fantastic night inside. even made enough for gas on the way home! hopefully, Worcester and I will see each other soon. I'll let you know. peace. DR(&TW)

Dann's Cable TV debut

Hey all... Tonight Dann Russo just filmed his first television interview. As part of a segment on Boston College TV entitled "5 Best places to see music" Dann was invited as the expert guest, discussing playing The Paradise, The Middle East, All Asia, as well as plenty of places in New York. Look for the segment next week (10/18-ish) on BCTV. If you aren't a BC student, find one and have them tape it for you! peace. # # #

Dann Russo & The Whisky to promote "Harmony for Humanity"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Boston, MA Oct. 4th 2005 – Dann Russo & The Whisky will join with thousands around the world on October 8th, 2005 to celebrate the power of music to bridge cultural and religious differences when it dedicates its concert as part of the Fourth Annual Daniel Pearl Music Days international network www.musicdays.org. Dann Russo & The Whisky will be performing 45 minutes of original music at I.C.U. (W.12th and Washington St, NY, NY). Daniel Pearl Music Days honors the birthday of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, a talented musician, whose murder in Pakistan in 2002 touched millions. In 2004, over 400 performances in 39 countries participated in Music Days over a 10-day period, celebrating “Harmony for Humanity”. “ Like Music Days committee member Herbie Hancock, Dann Russo & The Whisky believe that the universal language of music can diminish hatred, encourage us to respect differences and help us to reach out in friendship." explained Dann Russo, lead singer. “ We wanted to be a part of this global network because music is the catalyst which allows, creates, and encourages peace. ” Dann Russo was born in Brooklyn, NY, and from before birth was listening to music. There is no genre of music absent from Dann's CD library, and that influence can be seen in his songs. From the flamenco-inspired sounds of "Cafe en San Juan" to the straight rock and roll of "Run Out Of Reach," Dann's music runs the gamut of styles. Mixing country, folk, pop, rock, and alternative styles in almost every song, Dann, along with the Whisky, has become a regular in and around Boston and New York. Please visit www.dannrusso.com for more info. “Danny was a talented musician and principled journalist who respected all cultures," said his father Judea Pearl, president of The Daniel Pearl Foundation. "Music Days is his legacy to raise awareness. All musicians, no matter their genre, are invited to dedicate performances and let the audience know about the principles of cultural respect for which Danny stood." The Daniel Pearl Foundation was formed in memory of journalist Daniel Pearl to further the ideals that inspired his life and work. The Foundation's mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding through journalism, music, and innovative communications. For more information please visit www.danielpearl.org. # # # # # Media contact: Dann Russo dannrussomusic@aol.com

Dann's love for books pays off

Yesterday, Dann Russo confirmed multiple dates at Border's Books and Cafe stores all around the New England area. Check the calendar for more info

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