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You are one of the best if not the best performers I have every had the privilege to know! Woot! Peace!
Like your new home here. :) rock on... and Sabrina says "rock on!!
Cover "In Waves" by Trivium that would be fun
Have you ever done a cover of All Along the Watchtower? If so can you post it? Thank you.
U rock!!!
Dann - Dig Black Sails. I'm going to the KMF. Looking forward to it.
Dann, Dig Black Sails. I am going to the Keene Music Festival. Looking forward to it. Alec
Where do you play in SL?
Hi Dann, I just moved to Boston to be with Chris, we met in SL and have been to several of your shows. We are coming to see you in Dec live ( very excited ) Cherish Cazalet & Kristoff Holt (SL)
Hi Dann, I meant to write earlier. Good job at the McGann's show on Sept. 19. It was a lot of fun playing that show. Matthew Poeta (from Corridor Seven)
Dann... Świetna muzyka oby tak dalej. Życze dużo sukcesów i zapraszamy do Krakowa. Pozdrowienia dla Christiana.
any shows in NY anytime soon?
Dann from Fordham???? hey...let me know when you're playing in Boston....
stupid spambots messing up my list...email me at the above address or sign up for the mailing list at http://www.reverbnation.com/dannrusso
I heard Dann play at the Sweetwater Cafe in Boston on April 10th, and he rocks! Check him out and download his music as he is one talented dude.
Dann, Saw your web site in Regis' Prowlings. Listened to some of your songs. Great music. We are all very proud of you Joe Fodera
Have a nice day for all!
My friend Doug Johnson just introduced me to your music and I REALLY like it! You should be a signed artist in my opinion!
Dann, this is a great link. I can't wait to hear your latest song. Love you!
haha i got the same name but i lay acoustic blues instead
awesome sitee.
Hey Dann, Awsome site! <.< think you are right about the spammy posts lol maybe find someone you trust that will manage that for you ^_^ Anyways looking forward to your SecondLife Performance in Transylvania on the 25th! ^_^
you sang a really great song called ryan lost his seaweed and i would love to hear it again :) great music great show, look forward to more fantastic music from you.
Emm.. I like to flaunt my memorable admission A joke for you peoples! Where do you get virgin wool from? Ugly sheep.
what an awesome site, dann who whoulda thought???? you got to leave the guestbook!!!!! when are you playing in NYC? let me know
sweet website mr. russo
hello hello
nice perfomance
Happy Birthday Cuz!!! and Many More!
liam posted a comment and liam is my hero so i have to do everything he does. anyways nice site. the guitar club has enspired me to play the guitar and so i bought one off of my friend and its harder than it looks.
your music is amaizing Mr. Russo, where can i find the lyrics to your music? and where do u perform, id like to go to one of ure shows
Just wanted to say hi, and congrats on the new cd Dann love angel xxxxx
Enjoyed ya first on SL. lol Caught the set just roaming on e day:) Great set fresh and very enjoyable :) and you are a very warm and inviting entertainer /teacher to lisen to for a few hours while you play. Condgrads You are super :) A great addition to my stay in sl fer sure :)
DANN! I see my friends are stalking you too now... lol...nice one :-)
[b]tosee you[/b] [b]the best pukalka123 [/b] pukalka123
Your parent's party sounds fab....Dimi and I will be there next year. He wants to know if he has to wear underwear and I want to know if their house is lag free and how long it would take for my hair to rez. Seriously, we love your music and are delighted to have gotten to know you a bit through SL. with love, Leira
Hi Dann - love your music! My friend told me to look you up, so I did. Nice. Keep it up
hm.. thank you man
Love u in SL. Hope to see u live in California onday.
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new latin teacher=crazy... a bad crazy
heyy dann! i love you!!! hope everythings good xoxo
Not been here lately.... rubbish stalker that I am! Anyway, I'm taking this opportunity to *poke* you here for a change ;P Enjoy!
Hiya Dann you are one of the best performers in sl...i try now to get every concert.....you totaly rock... respectfully bows head Margoro
always make a point of tryin to be at your shows in SL - fantabulous stuff Dann. Thanks for that :)
Dann, you have a true gift of talent matched with enthusiasm that has reached many of us in SL. May the RL bring you as much joy as you provide us globally across the internet.
Thanks for the music in SL Your talent makes my night : )
you are sexy and your friend gary is to well keep up the good work. love, yourjasper
What beauty! How many you have spent for it of time?
Hey! I heard you on SL and I fell in love instantly with your talent! keep up the great work, I look foward to hearing more of your music in the near future! Lots of love <3 Peace
Hi Dann. Nice website. Thanks for your concert in SL. :)
Hey Dann ... great site, just like your music .. BUT ... Rockstar is missing and that 'nananana' song is my one of my favs! See ya on secondlife!
Thanks for your concert in SL on the 25th february - I had loved it so much and will hear again a next Sunday - the singer I talking about is Beth Hart - best wishes from Switzerland
I totally bought "No Pain" off iTunes the other day. I hope you see at least a penny of it! :) Rock on!
Helena Jensen in SL. This guy really rocks!! Came to check out the specs...
Hi guys you have intersting site A loy of thanks.
Very interesting website. :) Good luck and keep up good work. Serj.
When's the next NY show? Come on Dann, get on this!
Big thnx. So interesting. I wish you prosperity Best wishes. Lisa.
I have to say your music is quite melodic. Especially your violin, Xian. Sounded great back in the old days, but now . . . simply fantastic. TW
Hey Mr.Russo....I think your the man..nice band
hey Mr. Russo you have the best band everr!!!! andd katie siad that you have a good vioce and you are the best teacher!!
Gotta Have Faith!!!!
You guys any good?
Hey Dann, You Rock =)See you in SL
Dann - great, great times on SL. Always dig hearing your stuff. Drop me a message over at my site sometime! richdesoto.richpalmer.com
Sooo... when will your SL av get a spot on your Photos page? ;-P
Hey there :) Will catch you again Thursday most likely.
Love your SL shows. Thanks for performing.
Very nice concert Dann..I really enjoyed listenning to your music....see you later in 2nd life...we will chat ...
Yeah, Dann! Awesome concert at SL Had a great time when I was there, and I'll definitely pick up your album!
Hey Dann - it's Dru from SL :) Tracked you down lol but not in a stalker way of course! Just to say I love your voice and your music is fantastic.. just wish I could get to hear more. I'm the UK so the time diff usually means I miss most things :( Anyway, no doubt I'll see you at Crazy Sharks at some point... Dru
heyy dannn its ur cuz diane .. i miss u & meg i cant wait to see little lilly love ya!! =) <33
Great show last night, you guys sounded wicked good. I enjoyed it.
Like the site :) I'm in Boston in a couple of weeks, I'll give you a call
Congratulations on your new little one that is on the way! That is really exciting. Keep in touch!
Uhm, yeah. June 11th is going to rock. You guys will defintiely kick ass. m/.
I LIKE BEANS! my friends are cool the guys are fun (im not gay so dont think that way) the austin girls are crazy the naz girls are less crazy but cool
what up brother?
Dann, promise me Nov. 8th will be on the new cd! I love that one!
Okay, so... when are you going to get those maternity-size DR&TW t-shirts? I need one for the Paradise. Just sayin'.
viva la cafe en san juan!
Hello All, Megan so excited, just checked the site!! I am going to check dates and at the next show!! I can't wait! Katie
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When are you going to tour the music city???
dammit lol
But we don't usually play covers...
u have to atleast play "megalomanic" by incubus
i think you should play this song: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/robzombie/livingdeadgirl.html pch yeah
hey dirty dann "i have kids" whats up
Great Music!Great name!Keep Rockin'When your`re in the Tampa area let me know!
I still have the burnt copy of the ep you made me two years ago. It's pretty sick. The new stuff is good too, but I still love the old stuff. You playing at the coffehouse? That would be neat. You're going to be there, why not?
you should sing a song about how wonderful your 8th grade latin students are, LMAO, that would be so bad.
Play something...that swings.
Oh my God! Katie Pederson, if you ever check this guest book again... hello. Megan Mullin here, yet another Holy Name Band Survivor. Talk about small world, Frank plays in the same band as my husband, Dann!
Dann Russo, Lord of the strings.
ok, i like the shirts, but when are we gonna see shot glasses....thats all brendan and i care about..
Fortunes, Forecasts, and Lucky Charms is an amazing song. I thought I'd share that with you. ... This song makes me feel better when I'm :(. So, good work.
Hey Frankie, I was wondering what you were up to and "googled" your name and was excited to read that you are still playing. I miss our Holy Name Band days!!! I will be in Cambridge on the 8th, looking forward to hearing the Band.
Like the site. I still want to know when you're going to record "November 8th" :) Hoping to make it to the ICU this weekend. Maybe see you then!
So, our show (when we schedule it) will rock the All Asia like its never been rocked before! Oh, and you've got some fans at RWU that are probably going to venture to cambridge to see the show. Rock.
Dann you totally rocked in Marlborough on the 21st. I'm glad my mom could bring me to your show. I think you're much better than those "Wiggles" guys. I'll have to tell the rest of the babies in daycare about you. Much Love, The Wee One
Mr. Russo you look like your 14 in these pictures.
long live the blimpinaters!
GRRRR! lol hey mr russio
HI MR. RUSSO! hea hea i foungd your site after intense looking while eating a block of cake!
Umm... I think it might be time to consider adding a "minimum words" cutoff to your guest book. Although I am also a great fan of Poe.
ah, wordworth and his love of all things poe
TRUE! nervous, very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why WILL you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses, not destroyed, not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth. I heard many things in hell. How then am I mad? Hearken! and observe how healthily, how calmly, I can tell you the whole story. It is impossible to say how first the idea entered my brain, but, once conceived, it haunted me day and night. Object there was none. Passion there was none. I loved the old man. He had never wronged me. He had never given me insult. For his gold I had no desire. I think it was his eye! Yes, it was this! One of his eyes resembled that of a vulture -- a pale blue eye with a film over it. Whenever it fell upon me my blood ran cold, and so by degrees, very gradually, I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye for ever. Now this is the point. You fancy me mad. 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Hey Mr. Russo great show last night at Borders! amazing music and it sounds even better live. Ill be seeing you at some of your other shows coming up!
Your pretty cool, I saw you at Borders in Methuen, Mass. Your music is pretty cool. I like it.
The Rooster busted a wing! :-(
Packed with Polish Power!
Hooting! -WB
Hooting is fine and all, but what about Beagle Howling?
I like music with hooting. -WB
play more shows near this area *points to MA*
Where the hell you been? Come home and walk my butt!
Looks good so far... but more pictures, please! :)