dann russo

Dave Rajfer

Guitar (The Professionals)

Dave is an amazing guitar player with both Box of Records and Dann Russo

Nick Caylor


Nick tickled the ivories for Dann all summer 2013

Frank Colagiovanni

Drums (Antonio's Crush, Brother Rabbitt, The Whisky, THE PROFESSIONALS)

Frank J. Colagiovanni has been playing the drums for over 24 years. When he’s not playing the drums, Frank - a Boston area marketing writer - spends his time in the Fenway stands watching the Red Sox, rooting for Boston College, and adoring his wife and two children.

Gary Ames

bass, guitar, vocals (The Whisky, THE PROFESSIONALS)

Gary is an aspiring writer, actor, and musician. Classically trained at piano and self-taught on guitar, he works on as many projects as he can handle. Gary’s friendship with Dann has led to his being invited to perform with Dann on numerous occasions, lending his guitar leads and vocals to flesh out the trademark Whisky sound. As the current bassist for The Professionals, he keeps the bottom line and keeps Dann in line. Gary was inducted as a full member of the band following their excellent performance at the Emergenza Festival at The Middle East in Cambridge on 12/8/05.

Christian Kolarz

Violin (Antonio's Crush, The Whisky)

Christian Kolarz has been playing the violin for 24 years. He met Dann in 1994 during their freshman year of college and began applying his conservatory training to modern music writing. Since then, he's performed all over NYC, the east coast, and the best vodka bars in Poland. With degrees in Music and Clinical Psychology, Christian now builds a career as a fashion industry executive and Professor at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. When he's not rockin' out with Dann, Christian lives phabulously in Astoria, NY.

Brendan Russo

Bass, Vocals, Piano (The Whisky)

Brendan Russo met Dann back in 1985, and their relationship just took off from there. Growing up, playing mostly piano, Brendan experimented with various other instruments - among them the bass. He loves traveling overnight on crowded buses to wherever in the country the next DR&TW show happens to be, just because that's how he rolls. He is currently a film editor in Hollywood, CA and moonlights as a writer, director, actor and superhero. Brendan also lives with the knowledge that every time he asks Dann if they're gonna play "Footsteps", he'll be shot down, though he finds solace in Christian's unfettered love for color. 

John Russo

Piano, Vocals (The Whisky)

John is a member of the Flea Theater's BAT company in NYC. He suggests you check out their shows (www.theflea.org) and sign up for improv everywhere (www.improveverywhere.com) -- you'll find yourself shirtless in an Abercrombie before you know it. John plays keyboard and sometimes the saxophone. He sings. He loves you.