My Friends' Band

Dann Russo

Acoustic rock and soul, with lyrics designed to alternately lift you up and break your heart and guitar playing designed to break strings.

Dann has had the fortune of playing some amazing places, in front of and with some amazing people. He's been a finalist at the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge in Cambridge, MA, 4 times and has won once. (this is the inspiration for "Pixie Girls") He's played shows in Dublin, Ireland, Barcelona, Spain, Toronto, Canada, as well as up and down the North East corridor of the USA.

He's played in bands with some amazing people - Antonio's Crush, Brother Rabbitt, The Whisky - all of whom have influenced his playing, writing, and, especially, the song "My Friends' Band Play."

He's been known to rock the house as well as to bring it down to a whisper. Mainly, he likes to have fun on stage. And bring the crowd along with him.

"whether he's playing a rockin song or a quiet song there is this childlike energy and fun in everything he does on stage" - Tom Bianchi, host, Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge.

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