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Dann Russo used to play in and around Boston as a solo artist, rocking venues like The Burren, Tres Gatos and the Lizard Lounge. With reckless abandon, Dann (and sometimes his band) leant into driving, acoustic rock and sweet sweet ballads.

UNTIL NOW...Now you can find Dann Russo and Mary Casiello and a rotating cadre of musicians rocking faces, knocking down doors, and wrecking all the china as if we were bulls at ThreeAtHomeBand.com


Dann has had the fortune of playing some amazing places, in front of and with some amazing people. He's been a finalist at the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge 4 times and has won once. THREE AT HOME has been a finalist four times and won TWICE. He's played shows in Dublin, Ireland, Barcelona, Spain, Toronto, Canada, as well as up and down the North East corridor of the USA. THREE AT HOME are in the process of planning music trips including visits to Chicago, Buffalo, Austin, and the local MA/NH/RI/ME area. 

Three At Home is currently recording at Revival House in Brighton, MA with Patrick Hanlin and George Woods at the helm(s). 


"whether he's playing a rockin song or a quiet song there is this childlike energy and fun in everything he does on stage" - Tom Bianchi, host, Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge.


when Dann was in Dublin for the day in June, 2015, he "accidentally" took this video of "My Friends' Band Play" in front of the "Wall of Fame" in the Temple Bar district. This is a cool video. I'm totally keeping it up. 

To quote the song - "told you you would like it/you know that I can't lie"